Smart card technology in our Client Card and MasterCard products makes for very safe transactions. Your Card provides greater protection against fraud and counterfeiting thanks to proven microchip technology that has been recognized by the banking industry worldwide.

Convenient and safe

We're constantly trying to improve the quality of our services. National Bank uses both the smart-card and magnetic-stripe technologies on the same card to provide you with a convenient, safe and reliable payment solution, mo matter where you are in the world.


All smart cards (debit and credit) require the cardholder to enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to authenticate transactions. Memorize your confidential PIN so you can do transactions wherever smart card technology is used. You can at any time change your PIN at a National Bank ABM.

Gradual Smart Card Roll-out

Smart-card technology marks an important evolution in payment solutions in Canada. Since 2009, we've been progressively integrating this new technology into National Bank cards nationwide.

At merchants

We're also rolling out smart-card point-of-sale terminals at merchants across the country.

Already have a card?

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