Exchange and buy international currencies like Euros, U.S dollars and other popular currencies for your travel. 

Our ordering service is an efficient, easy and practical way to order paper currency without having to go to one of our branches1.

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Whether you plan on travelling for business or pleasure, the online foreign currency ordering service gives you access to the most requested currencies:

  • USD : U.S. Dollar
  • EUR : euro
  • GBP : British Pound
  • MXN : Mexican Peso
  • CHF : Swiss Franc
  • JPY : Japanese Yen
  • CNY : Chinese Yuan
  • AUD : Australian Dolla

For current foreign exchange rates, consult the Exchange Rates.

Easy to Use

Thanks to the flexibility of Internet Banking Solutions, your foreign currency order can be made at your convenience—whenever and wherever you like—and in total security.

Easy to Access

To order paper currency online, you need to be signed up for Internet Banking Solutions, be a resident of Canada and have a personal bank account in Canadian dollars2.

Daily and weekly limits for purchasing paper currency are set at $2,000 and $5,000,3 respectively. 



Once the currency and amount of your paper currency is established, you may choose one of the following delivery methods:

  Delivery to the branch of your choice Home delivery
Delivery fees4
  • None
  • Cost5 of Canada Post XpresspostTM
    Certified service. This service is available only in the Canada post offices of served regions.
  • Debited from your account.
Order processing
  • Confirmation e-mail
  • E-mail indicating the date on which your order will be available for pick-up at the branch
  • Confirmation e-mail
  • E-mail indicating the Canada Post tracking number and details of your order
  • Delivery notice provided by your postal carrier containing the contact information for the postal outlet closest to you
Delivery time 10 business days following account debit

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Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure
, in Canada or abroad, wise planning will help you make the most of your trip. Before leaving on your trip, it is important to be well informed and take the necessary precautions to travel in total security and with peace of mind. For more information, visit

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1 The order, however, must be picked up at the branch or postal outlet. 
2 Funds are not immediately withdrawn from the account. Please allow approximately 48 business hours from the time the order is placed.
3 The total amount requested must be rounded off to the nearest 10 unit for all currencies, except for Japanese Yen or Mexican Peso: Japanese Yen (lowest denomination available) = 1,000 JPY, thus amount would be in multiples of 1,000; Mexican Peso (lowest denomination available) = 50 MXN, thus amount would be in multiples of 50.
4 Transaction fees, applicable when converting your Canadian dollars based on the type of currency selected, will be included in the amount debited from your account. For complete details, please read our Guide to Personal Banking Solutions.
5 Postal service fees, around 10$, may fluctuate with fuel prices.