MasterCard Credit Cards



Regular rate on purchases: 19.99% / $125 per year

Regular rate on balance transfers and cash advances: 21.99%


Rewards Plan: Included

Additional card

No fee

Minimum credit limit

$1,000 minimum (depending on your credit file)

Generous and flexible À la carte Rewards Plan geared to travellers

Each time you make a purchase with your Platinum MasterCard, you earn points that can be redeemed for great rewards! For each dollar spent, you earn 1.5 points.

  • Use your Platinum card for every day purchases
  • Earn 1.5 point for every dollar charged to your credit card
  • Redeem your points at the online Boutique and discover a variety of rewards including many available exclusively on the website!

What's more, as a Platinum cardholder, you enjoy greater flexibility when making travel plans:

  • Choose your own travel agency;
  • Travel when you want, on the airline of your choice;
  • Take advantage of last-minute discounts and seat sales;
  • Redeem your points for any service offered by a travel agency, online agency or airline;
  • Pay with points only or combine your points and your Platinum MasterCard.
Points redeemed Travel discount
11,000 points $100
50,000 points $500
More than 50,000 points Above 50,000 points in the same transaction, each additional block of 10,000 points entitles you to $100 in travel savings

Extensive insurance and assistance program

Travel insurance

Out-of-Province-of-Residence Medical/Hospital Insurance.

Up to $5,000,000.

Maximum trip coverage period varies with cardholder age.

Age Maximum Trip Length
54 and under 60 days
55 to 64

31 days

65 to 74 15 days

Trips exceeding the maximum admissible length will not be covered by the Medical/Hospital Insurance. Insurance covers main cardholder, spouse and dependent children.

  • Trip Cancellation Insurance up to $2,500 per person.
  • Trip Interruption Insurance up to $5,000 per person.
  • Flight Delay Insurance up to $500 per person for any flight delay of 4 hours or more.
  • Baggage Insurance up to $1,000 per person in case of theft, break-in, loss or vandalism, and up to $500 per person should your checked baggage arrive more than 6 hours late.

Vehicle rental insurance

Liability coverage in case of collision, theft or damage to a rented vehicle, charged to your Platinum MasterCard, for a rental period of 48 days or less.

Coverage of up to $2,000 during the vehicle rental period against loss, theft or damage to your personal effects.

Medical, general and legal assistance 3

24-Hour toll-free number for medical, administrative and legal problems, anywhere in the world.

You will be referred to a lawyer in the event of an emergency, even if you are abroad.

If necessary, bail and legal fees can be paid by means of a cash advance on your credit card.

Assistance if your baggage is lost or stolen.

Assistance replacing travel documents and tickets that are lost or stolen while you're away.

Emergency cash transfers.

More than a card: protection3 you can count on

  • MasterCard's Zero Liability4
    Protects you against all liability if unauthorized purchases are made with your credit card.
    This coverage extends to purchases made in-store, over the telephone and online.
  • Purchase insurance
    Provides coverage in case of theft or damage for a period of 180 days following the date of purchase.
  • Extended warranty
    Triples the original warranty period, up to two additional years.

Insurance certificate

Consult the insurance certificate  566 kB - 13 pages.


1 Subject to credit approval by National Bank.
2 Services offered and insured by Canassurance, a subsidiary of Blue Cross.
3 Certain conditions and restrictions apply. Consult in-branch documentation for details.
4 Certain conditions and restrictions apply. Visit for more information
Consult the credit card's terms and conditions.

Primary features

Travel in total freedom, leave when you want and travel how you want, all while taking advantage of one of the most complete insurance programs. 

Important information
Minimum credit limit $1,000
Annual fee for primary card $125
Annual fee for additional card No fee
Regular annual interest rate on purchases 19.99%
Regular annual interest rate on balance transfers and cash advances 21.99%
À la carte Rewards Plan Description Travel without restrictions, gift certificates and À la carte Extras.
Points $1 in purchases = 1.5 points
Reward's annual fee Included
Insurance program
Trip cancellation insurance Up to $2,500
Trip interruption insurance Up to $5,000 for an emergency return
Out-of-Province-of-Residence Medical/Hospital Insurance Yes
Flight delay insurance Up to $500 (over 4 hours)
Baggage loss and theft insurance Up to $1,000
Baggage delay insurance Up to $500 (over 6 hours)
Purchase insurance For a period of 180 days following the purchase date
Extended warranty on purchases Triples the manufacturer's guarantee up to two additional years
Vehicle rental insurance For a period of 48 days against collision, theft or damage (theft of personal effects $2,000)
Travel insurance/Accident insurance while aboard a common carrier No
Medical, general and legal assistance Yes
Other interesting features

Benefit from the most complete coverage program: trip insurance and purchase protection.


You choose the travel agency, the airline, the travel dates and the destination.

Additional Cards

You can have up to three additional1 MasterCard credit cards issued on your account for your spouse or anyone else.

Cards Additional fee per card
Edition No fee
MC1 No fee
Allure No fee
OVATION Gold No fee
Platinum No fee
Ultramar No fee
Syncro No fee
Platinum Business $35
Business No fee


Pre-authorized Debit

You can choose to have your MasterCard account payment automatically withdrawn, when due, from your National Bank account or an account at any other financial institution.

To sign up for pre-authorized debit service

Please call MasterCard Customer Service Center at:
514 394-1427 or 1-888-969-2273


Internet Banking Solutions2 (IBS)

Carry out everyday MasterCard account transactions online at any time:

  • View your account balance and card history
  • See how many rewards points you've accumulated
  • Increase your credit limit

Sign up now to our Internet Banking Solutions.


Travel Protection

Choose to purchase Travel Insurance2, payable once a year, to protect all your trips for a full year. Select your coverage for trips that last a maximum of 15 or 30 days, and enjoy peace of mind all year long!

  • Coverage up to $ 5,000,000 including hospitalization expenses, medical and paramedical expenses, transportation expenses, and allowance for living expenses if you are abroad
  • Refund of expenses if your trip is cancelled or interrupted
  • Coverage of baggage against loss, theft or vandalism
If you are not a Platinum cardholder or if the travel insurance included is not enough for you, call1 800 240-8424.

Annual fees


Payment Protection Plan2

You can also take advantage of optimal protection, which ensures that your minimum monthly payments are made or that your account balance is paid off, depending on the situation.

  • For more information on our Payment Protection Plan, call 1-877-871-7500
  • Consult the insurance certificate at the bottow of each page describing the Nationale Banque MasterCard credit cards.

Balance Transfers3

Avoid the problems of trying to manage several accounts at the same time by transferring the balances of your credit cards from other financial institutions or department stores to your National Bank MasterCard.

Here are 3 easy ways to make a balance transfer:

  1. Online. If you have a bank account with National Bank, open a session via the Internet Banking Solutions, click on the MasterCard tab and select Balance Transfer.
  2. Download and complete the balance transfer application and return it by fax at 514-394-8772 or 1 866-394-8772.
  3. Call our Customer Service Center to ask that a balance transfer application be sent to you: 514 394-1427 or 1 888 9MYCARD

Automated Services

Drop by your local branch and assign a personal identification number (PIN) to your credit card. This enables you to access all your bank account at all times using bank machines in the InteracTM1 and MasterCardTM2 /CIRRUS® network. Network usage fees apply.


Cash Advances

Your MasterCard gives you easy access to cash advances right around the world. Interest is calculated from the day the cash advance is made.



MasterCard SecureCodeTM is a new service from MasterCard and your card issuer that offers added security when you shop online at participating merchants by providing added protection against unauthorized use of your enroled card. 

Know more about SecureCodeTM



1 Certain browser requirements are needed to access National Bank Internet Banking Solutions. Please consult theBrowser Requirements for Internet Financial Services sections under ABC's of Security at 
2 Offered by National Bank Insurance. Certain conditions and restrictions apply. Please consult documents available at your branch for more information. 
3 Upon approval of credit by National Bank of Canada and the total amount of transfer may not exceed $5,000.

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