Mortgage loan insurance

Now that you have chosen National Bank as your partner to finance the purchase of your new home, be sure to insure your mortgage loan or All-In-One to protect your future from unforeseen events.

Our coverage

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Your insured mortgage payments will be taken care of if you are unable to work, so you can keep your home and maintain the same standard of living for you and your loved ones.


Critical illness

The insured balance of your mortgage loan will be repaid if you are diagnosed with cancer, or suffer stroke or heart attack, so you can focus on getting better, knowing that your loved ones’ future is protected.


The insured balance of your mortgage loan will be repaid in the event of your death, so your loved ones can stay in their home even if they are unable to cover the mortgage payments.

Loan Insurance Assistance

As well as the peace of mind that you gain with insurance, you will also obtain loan insurance assistance, free of charge. This personalized support program will help you out and guide you to the appropriate resources.

The services offered are based on the coverage chosen to insure your mortgage loan or All-In-One:

Services Life Life and disability Life, disability and critical illness
Quality of Life Concierge Service
Nutritionists, fitness clubs, other
Assistance in the Event of Death
Information and guidance
Health Care Concierge Service
Medical clinics, hospitals and others
  X X
Second Medical Opinion
When there is no room for doubt
  X X
Home Assistance
Access to a home care attendant