Made-to-Measure Mortgage


A combination of products

You can divide your mortgage loan into any number of portions, each with its own rate, term, payment frequency and amortization period. Combine various types of mortgage financing to arrive at a solution that truly fits your needs:

Fixed rate

Stable payments.
Interest rates may fluctuate but your rate remains the same throughout the term.


Variable Rate

When interest rates fall, variable-rate mortgages generate interest savings.



A flexible and innovative solution A variable-rate line of credit that allows you to access your repaid capital at any time. Allows you to manage all your financing needs via a single solution.


A solution that adjusts to your needs

National Bank’s made-to-measure mortgage is flexible. Consolidate all your debts while continuing to monitor each of your projects separately. If your needs change, you can adjust the conditions of one portion of your loan without having to renegotiate the entire mortgage.

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Diversify your debts the same way you diversify your investments

By diversifying your investments you reduce risk. Now you can apply that same principle to your debts. By structuring your mortgage loan into separate portions with different rates and terms, you reduce the impact of potentially higher rates that may be in force at time of renewal.

Combine fixed and variable rates

With the made-to-measure mortgage, you don’t have to choose between having stable payments and saving on interest. You can combine fixed and variable rates...and get the best of both worlds.

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Spread out your mortgage terms

By spreading out your terms with the made-to-measure mortgage, you can protect yourself from future increases while saving on interest with short-term rates.

Get repayment flexibility

With the made-to-measure mortgage, a portion of your loan can be structured as the All-In-OneTM . Vline of credit. By calibrating payments with cash inflows, you decide how much you want to pay back on this portion. Note that applicable interest and insurance premiums must be paid.