Renew or transfer your mortgage

Your mortgage is due?

You can renew your mortgage up to 5 months before the end of your term. By doing so, you can lock in at current rates and protect yourself against rate hikes.

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Early Renewal

If you're no longer satisfied with your mortgage repayment options, you can change the terms and conditions at any time. If your loan is for a closed term however, penalties may apply.

Call your Advisor who'll review your situation and suggest a range of options.

Transfer your mortgage loan

Are you thinking about transferring your mortgage loan from another financial institution to National Bank?

All you have to do is meet with one of our specialists who'll suggest a financing solution that suits your needs, and who'll make all the arrangements to ensure a quick and easy transfer1.

Start your mortgage renewal application. It'll only take a few minutes.

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1 Legal and transfer fees may apply.