Make a simulation to determine how much you can pay for your home.

Borrowing capacity



Simulate your mortgage payments to establish your budget.

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Rate (%) as of February 26, 2021 1:00 PM

Special offers2 Rate3
4-year fixed interest rate 3.49%1
5-year fixed interest rate 3.54%1

National Bank All-In-One

Save money with the All-In-One. More than just a mortgage, it is a line of credit that will help you buy a house and fund your projects. Learn more.

Prime (P) = 2.450

All-In-One P + 1.00 = 3.450
Credit interest
$0 and + 0.000
$5,000 and + 0.010
$25,000 and + 0.010
$60,000 and + 0.010
$100,000 and + 0.010


Fixed-rate mortgage

Go for a fixed rate mortgage if you want to protect against fluctuations in interest rates throughout the chosen term. Learn more.

  Open Closed
3 month --- 4.250
6 months 7.050 4.400
1 year 7.050 2.690
2 years --- 2.940
3 years --- 3.450
4 years --- 4.090
5 years --- 4.790
6 years --- 5.390
7 years --- 5.390
10 years --- 5.790
1 month* --- 2.450

* This term is not available for a new loan. It is indicated shown for reference only.


Variable-rate mortgage

Get a discount on the lowest rate on the market! The variable-rate is adjusted monthly. Learn more.

  Reference rates Difference Rate
Variable-rate mortgage (60 month term) Prime rate 0.000 2.450
Capped-Rate Mortgage (60 month term) Prime rate
Capped rate**= 4.790
0.250 2.700
Money-Saver Mortgage*** 3 months fixed-rate -0.350 3.900
Strategy-5 Mortgage *** 1 year fixed-rate -0.300 99.700

** The capped-rate (maximal rate) is determined according the 5-year term at time of signing.
*** This product is not available for a new loan. It is indicated shown for reference only.

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Borrowing capacity

Make a simulation taking into account your financial situation to determine how much you can pay for your home.

Calculate my payments

Simulate your mortgage payments by varying the frequency and the rate of interest to establish your budget.

1 Rate can be guaranteed up to 90 days following receipt of the request.
2 Rates may differ if amortization exceeds 25 years, contact an advisor for more information.
3 APR means "Annual Percentage Rate" and represents the total interest and fees charged by the Bank, expressed as an annual percentage. As borrowing costs consist only of interest, the APR is the annual interest rate in effect as at January 16, 2018.


Financing subject to credit approval by National Bank. Limited-time offers. Limited time offers and rates are subject to change. Financing must be for a residential dwelling with 1 to 4 units. Employees of National Bank, its subsidiaries and affiliates are not eligible for these offers. National Bank reserves the right to end the promotion at any time without notice. Complete details and conditions are available in branches.