Whatever ideas you have, obtaining new financing to make your projects a reality is also a new responsibility. To make sure your standard of living doesn’t change or this responsibility doesn’t become a burden if something happens to you, opt for National Bank Loan Insurance.

An insurance solution for every financing solution

Financing solution Life Disability Critical illness
RRSP Line of credit X X X
Demand note X    
Personal loan X X X
Car loan X X X
RRSP loan X    
Student line of credit X X X
Line of credit X X X

Our coverage


Your payments will be made if you are not able to work for more than 60 days, giving you and your loved ones peace of mind.


Critical illness

An amount will be paid if you are diagnosed with cancer, or suffer a stroke or heart attack. This means you can focus on your recovery and your insured balance will be repaid.


The insured balance of your loan will be repaid in the event of your death. The loan used to finance your projects is protected and will not become a burden for your loved ones.

Applicable taxe on premiums : Quebec : 9%, Ontario and Manitoba : 8%, Saskatchewan : 6%