If you're not eligible for financial assistance or the assistance you receive is insufficient to cover your educational expenses, our Student Line of Credit is the ideal solution to help you meet your financial needs and pursue your studies with peace of mind!

An attractive financing solution

To sign up, you have to meet a few simple criteria. You can then review your credit limit each year according to your tuition fees and level of studies and only pay back the interests on used capital each month.

Prepare your appointment

Your time is valuable, and we know that the idea of visiting a branch might give you the chills (of excitement, to be sure!). We’re confident that you’ll find this meeting pleasant and informative.


You must meet the following criteria:

  • Full-time postsecondary student
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident

Gather your documents

Once a year, you will need to visit your branch in order to update your file. Bring the following documents to your meeting:

  • Two pieces of identification
  • Proof of your status as a full-time student (registration notice or course schedule)
  • Your most recent transcript

The maximum amount you are entitled to is determined according to your tuition fees and level of studies.1


1 Subject to credit approval by National Bank.

Partners of your success

We’re here to help you power your ideas and achieve the career of your dreams.

Limit geared to your needs

The annual student limit depends on your program of studies and educational level. Your credit limit2 may be reviewed each year according to your needs (tuition fees, school supplies).

Available at any time

You can pay your bills or your purchases and transfer funds between accounts using your Client Card, at automated banking machines or via our electronic banking services or mobile banking solutions.


You can opt for loan insurance (life insurance, disability insurance and/or critical life insurance2) at any time.


2 Subject to credit approval by National Bank. For more information, ask an advisor at your local branch.

Understand your payment terms

As you know, with great power comes great responsibility. Plan your expenses to make the best use of your Student Line of Credit.

While you study

  • You don’t have to pay back any principal while you’re a full-time student.
  • Only the interest on the principal used has to be paid monthly.3

After your studies

  • You aren’t required to start repaying the principal until you find full-time employment or a maximum 12 months after you complete your full-time studies.3
  • Remboursement period1 of your student line of credit will be determined by your balance.

1 Subject to credit approval by National Bank.
3 Students in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, veterinary medicine, podiatric medicine, chiropractic and engineering can defer principal payments and insurance premium for up to 12 months after they complete their studies or following the loss of full-time student status, within credit limit. However, interest accrues during that period and capitalized monthly.

What you should know about Quebec government-guaranteed student loans

For Quebec residents only

As a participant in the Quebec government's Loans and Bursaries Program, National Bank can help you quickly access the financial assistance you need.


  • You don’t have to pay any interest while you’re a student.
  • You aren’t required to start repaying your loan until six months after you complete your studies. However, interest accrues during that period.
  • Take advantage of flexible payment terms once you've completed your studies.

Application Procedure

  1. Apply online or get an application form from the Ministère de l'Éducation or the student aid office of your educational institution.
  2. Complete the form and send it to the address indicated.
  3. The government will examine your application and send you a notice informing you of the decision. If you’re eligible for a student loan, the notice will indicate the amount that has been granted.
  4. Pick up your Guarantee Certificate from your educational institution.
  5. Complete the documents you receive and have them authorized by your educational institution.
  6. Go to a National Bank branch with your Guarantee Certificate and proof of identity in order to have your loan amount deposited into your account.

To learn more, visit the Government of Quebec's student financial aid website.