NBI Portfolios

Offering six investor profiles, the NBI Portfolios are investment solutions composed of two parts. First, a strategic asset allocation uses NBI Funds managed by our selection of some of the world’s top investment portfolio managers.

NBI Portfolios are also actively managed and subject to regular analysis and tactical deviations via exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Deviations involve overweighting asset classes that are likely to generate better returns in the near future and underweighting others. They allow us to adapt to the changing moods of financial markets and thus create added value for the Portfolios. These deviations reflect the view of our Asset Allocation Committee.

We also use currency hedging instruments to protect the Portfolios against currency risk. This agile approach should help generate better returns and reduce volatility.

NBI Portfolios – Retirement Option

NBI Portfolios are also available for investors seeking retirement income solutions with a steady flow of monthly income.

It is also possible for NBI Portfolio holders to opt for the retirement option, without having to adapt their profile and without any tax impact.

Money Market Funds

Composed of Treasury bills and other short-term investments, money market funds are completely liquid. Their role in a diversified portfolio is to reduce volatility.

Suitable for investors who want security, liquidity, current income and very little risk.

Short-Term and Income Funds

Invested primarily in top quality debt securities, mortgage loans or preferred shares, income funds represent a relatively low level of long-term risk and an average potential return.

In a diversified portfolio, they offer stable returns and a certain amount of income. Suitable for investors whose goals are income and capital security.

Diversified Funds

Diversified funds correspond to five specific investor profiles. The assets in these funds are distributed among the main asset classes (stocks, bonds, etc.) based on the target investor’s financial goals, investment horizon and risk tolerance.

The Diversified Funds offer capital protection and long-term capital growth while providing access to a diversified portfolio through a single fund.

Canadian Equity Funds

These funds offer high potential returns involving a certain level of risk. They are composed mainly of equities, such as common shares. Their role in a diversified portfolio is to provide capital growth.

Suitable for investors whose goals are increased capital gains and long-term capital protection.

Global Equity Funds

These funds offer high potential returns, involving a certain level of risk. They are invested in shares listed on various stock markets around the world.

Their objective is to provide long-term capital growth and take advantage of opportunities on a number of international markets. In addition, the funds invested in foreign currencies offer good protection against devaluation of the Canadian dollar.

Specialized Funds

These funds concentrate their assets in a single sector of activity, in one specific geographic region or according to a specialized investment strategy. In a diversified portfolio, they allow for optimum diversification while increasing potential for "superperformance."

Index Funds

These funds seek long-term growth of capital by tracking the performance of the specified Index.

Strategic Portfolios

Available in registered and non-registered form for a minimum $10,000 investment, these products will provide optimal asset allocation based on your customer’s investment goals and risk tolerance.

Managed Portfolios

With National Bank Managed Portfolios turnkey solutions, clients can find one out of six profiles that matches their risk tolerance and investment horizon.

The portfolio manager use tactical management. So when market conditions change, the Managed Portfolio is rebalanced, as part of a disciplined process, in order to stay in line with its objectives.

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