Portfolio statement

Overview of your financial situation

Your portfolio statement brings together valuable information about your account. It’s a valuable tool for tracking your portfolio and financial situation. You can use it to quickly monitor how your portfolio is doing so that you can be sure to achieve your financial goals.

Useful tool for understanding your portfolio statement

To help you get the most out of your statement, this tool explains the features and benefits of each section. Its logical structure and streamlined layout were designed to make it easier for you to understand and review the content.

Portfolio Statement Summary Section
National Bank Investment Statement "What's New" Section
National Bank Investment Statement "Contact Us" Section
National Bank Investment Statement "Additional Information" Section
National Bank Investment Statement "Important Notice" Section
National Bank Investment Statement "About Your Account" Section
National Bank Investment Statement "Activity Summary" Section
National Bank Investment Statement "Rate of Return" Section
National Bank Investment Statement "Investment Mix" Section
National Bank Investment Statement "Asset Details" Section
National Bank Investment Statement "Account Activities" Section

Portfolio Summary

Track the progress of your investments with a summary of the total market value of your accounts in Canadian dollars for the statement period. Consult the Type column for a list of the accounts held in your portfolio.

NBI portfolio statement "summary" section

What’s New

Find out more about our latest products and stay up to date on industry news and trends in this informative bulletin board.

NBI Investment Statement "What's New" Section

To Contact Us

NBI Investment Statement "To Contact Us" Section

What if you need help?

This section lists the contact information for your Investment Advisor and our National Bank Investments Advisory Service.

Additional Information

Review pertinent information related to your statement, such as:

- Account information

- Legal and regulatory notices

- Explanation of indicators which could appear in the Asset Details section 

NBI Investment Statement "Additional Information" Section

Important Notice

This section includes any regulatory notices that have to be given to you each year and indicates when your tax slips will be sent.

NBI Investment Statement "Important Notice" Section

About Your Account

The information in this section is broken down according to the type of account you have.

Here is an overview of the provided informations:

- Investments: Income distributions, capital gains, return of capital and gains or losses on withdrawals

- RRSPs and TFSAs: Contributions

- RESPs: Contributions, grants and plan beneficiary(ies)

- RRIFs and LIFs: Annual withdrawal amount, withdrawals to date

NBI Investment Statement "About Your Account " Section

Activity Summary

This is a summary of the activities affecting the portfolio’s market value (deposits, withdrawals, market fluctuations, reinvested distributions and interest, switches) for the statement period.

NBI Investment Statement "Activity Summary" Section

Rate of Return

Track the rate of return on each of your accounts for various periods since the account was opened.

NBI Investment Statement "Rate of Return" Section

Investment Mix

View your portfolio’s asset allocation in Canadian dollars, broken down by asset classes as follow: cash and short term, fixed income, Canadian equities, global equities and other. You also have an overview of your account’s investment mix in the form of a pie chart.

NBI Investment Statement "Investment Mix" Section

Asset Details

Focus in on each of the securities held, based on the fund’s currency. The percentage column displays what each security represents in the total market value of your account.

NBI Investment Statement "Asset Details" Section

Account Activities

Review all the transactions carried out in your account during the period covered by your statement. The details are shown in chronological order for each security in the account, based on the fund’s currency.

NBI Investment Statement "Account Activities" Section


The information and opinions herein are provided for information purposes only and are subject to change. The opinions are not intended as investment advice nor are they provided to promote any particular investments and should in no way form the basis for your investment decisions. National Bank Investments Inc. has taken the necessary measures to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information contained herein at the time of publication. However, National Bank Investments Inc. does not guarantee that the information is accurate or complete, and this communication creates no legal or contractual obligation on the part of National Bank Investments Inc.

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