Progress RRSP 

It can take time to find the right investment for your RRSP. Meanwhile, a Progress RRSP enables you to contribute right now while benefiting from a growing interest rate*. Later, Progress RRSP funds can be transferred, without management fees, to a National Bank investment solution of your choice.

Undecided? Contribute now to a Progress RRSP and choose later the investment solution that suits you best.

Type Guaranteed-Capital
Investment horizon No fixed term, transferable at any time
Risk level
Minimum investment $500
Return (%) Daily closing balance Rate
$0 to $4,999 0.050 %
$5,000 to $9,999 0.100 %
$10,000 to $24,999 0.100 %
$25,000 to $49,999 0.150 %
$50,000 and more 0.200 %

The Benefits of Contributing to a Progress RRSP

  • You can transfer your RRSP at any time to a National Bank investment solution of your choice. 

  • You benefit from huge room to manoeuvre and an interest rate that increases based on amounts invested. 

  • No management fees.


To find out more

  • To know the charges related to a RRSP, please consult our brochure to this purpose, being: Fees - Your Guide to Personal Banking Solutions, section "Registered Plans".

  • To know our process of notification of charge increases or the introduction of new fees, please consult our brochure to this purpose, being: General Information and Agreement, section "Notice of Changes to Fees Listed in Your Guide to Personal Banking Solutions".

  • To know our process in dealing with complaints relating to the processing of charges for a RRSP product, click here.


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More information on the RRSP

What is your maximum contribution?

There is a contribution limit of $25,370 for 2016 but you may be entitled to unused contribution room.

Please consult your notice of assessment

Which investments qualify?

Several types of investments can be placed in an RRSP, including guaranteed investment certificates, stocks, and bonds.

What are your RRSP investment options

How can I reduce my investment tax obligations?

Many strategies can be used to reduce the taxes you pay on your investments.

Learn how to reduce your taxes now

Interest is calculated using the interest rate identified in each increment for the portion of the balance found in this increment, and this, at the end of each day and paid monthly on the account opening anniversary date.