Personalized Administration Plan

The personalized administration plan from our National Bank Trust subsidiary is designed for investors with portfolios valued over $150,000 who want the security of fixed-income investments but don't want to manage the portfolio themselves. The plan is also ideal for investors who spend several months a year away from home.

Benefit from our expertise
Enjoy a variety of complementary services and products
Take advantage of the plan

Expertise Backed by a Solid Financial Institution

With a personalized administration plan, you'll benefit from the expertise of seasoned investment specialists and the administrative support of a renowned institution. As a preferred client, you'll receive ongoing attention from one of our advisors, who will personally look after your affairs.

Your portfolio will generally be invested in a short-term bond fund. These very safe diversified investments provide solid stability and guaranteed regular income.

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Enjoy a Variety of Complementary Services and Products

In addition to including a portfolio management service, the personalized investment plan gives you access to many products and services*:

  • assessment of your income and cash requirements
  • collection of portfolio income
  • payment of various bills
  • collection of pension income
  • payment of income tax instalments
  • preparation of your tax returns (basic income tax)
  • preparation of a will
  • preparation of a living will (mandate in the event of incapacity)
  • Gold MasterCard

*Certain conditions may apply

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