Private Banking

Our Exclusive Commitment

"Enhance the quality of life of each one of our clients by offering the best in personalized financial services."

If you're a wealthy client with very little time to spend on your everyday banking affairs, Private Banking will meet your highest expectations. Our exclusive centres provide special access to the top products and services available through National Bank's financial network at all times. A distinctive banking service just for you!

Accessibility, Confidentiality, Expertise, Foresight

More than a service offering, our commitment is built on strict principles that guide the business relationship between your specially assigned account manager and yourself.

Exclusive Banking Services

Together, we make sure that your short-term needs are met and that our tools offer you the best solutions possible.

  • Bank accounts
  • MasterCard accounts
  • Cash management
  • Bill payment
  • Special instructions

Financing Services

For all your financing needs, however complex and whatever the amount, we will ensure that all members of our team are able to quickly pool their expertise and deliver solutions that are right for you.

  • Lines of credit
  • Mortgages
  • Demand loans
  • Term loans
  • Investment loans
  • Complex financing

Investment Services

Whether you require strategies for complex investments, pension funds or cash management, we along with the specialists of the National Bank financial network, will offer you all available products and services to match these strategies.

  • Determining your investor profile
  • Regular, periodic follow-up
  • Access to all products:
    • GICs
    • Treasury products
    • Mutual funds
    • Private investment management
    • Securities brokerage (full service and discount)
    • Alternative products

Financial Security Services

As you think ahead to your future retirement, succession planning, business transfer and your family's well-being, our staff and the entire network of National Bank financial specialists, are here to help ensure nothing is overlooked.

  • Financial planning
  • Estate planning
  • Financial security planning
  • Trust and estate services
  • Asset protection trusts
  • Business transfer or sale