Calculate your prepayment fees

Prepayment fees may apply if you repay your mortgage loan before the end of your term. Use the calculator below to get an estimate of the fees according to the credit agreement from your previous lender.

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See you credit agreement for more information.

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This tool allows you to obtain an estimate of the amount of the fees payable following a prepayment of your mortgage loan. The data generated is an approximation only and does not create a legal or contractual obligation for National Bank. In the event of the prepayment of your mortgage loan, the Bank will provide you with the details of the exact amounts payable.

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In addition to the calculation method according to the credit agreement from your previous lender, we also have a calculation method at National Bank. You will need to have your cost of borrowing disclosure statement from National Bank on hand. We will apply the smaller of the two calculations. For an estimate of our calculation method, use our calculation tool.

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