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Accessible Chequing Account

When the basics are all you need

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At a glance


monthly fee





teller-assisted transactions3

Perfect if you're looking to:

  • Complete a small number of transactions
  • Carry out teller-assisted transactions from time to time

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Save on monthly fees and get great perks with one of our offers for new clientsnewcomersprofessionals or students.

What you get


Onlinemobile and telephone banking

  • Transfers between accounts4
  • Transfers to another National Bank client4
  • Interac e-Transfers®: $1/transaction
  • Bill payments4
  • Account inquiries: balance, transaction history, etc.
  • eStatements

In stores and at the ABM

  • Purchases with your debit card5
  • Withdrawals, transfers and withdrawals for bill payment5
  • Bill payments5
  • List of transactions5: $0.75/request or $1.00/month

Teller-assisted transactions

At National Bank branches

  • Withdrawals, transfers, withdrawals for bill payment (2 transactions included)
  • Bill payments: $2/bill

Other services

Complementary banking services

  • Cheques: Current rates in effect
  • Overdraft protection: $5/day
  • Foreign currency bank drafts6:
    $7.75 ($5,000 or less)
    $12.50 (more than $5,000)
  • CAD bank drafts: $7.50Paper statements: $2.50/month per account
  • Access to cheque images

Little details that matter


The passbook option has not been available to new clients since May 4, 2015. If you are an existing client who uses a passbook with your account, a $2.50 monthly fee is charged.

Legal Disclaimers

® Virtuoso and Direct Access are registered trademarks of National Bank of Canada.

® Registered trademark of Interac Inc. Authorized user: National Bank.

1. Fees waived upon presentation of proof of eligibility for full-time students aged 18 to 24 receiving government student aid, seniors aged 65 and over receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement, and beneficiaries aged 18 and over of a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP).

2. Transactions carried out using our Automated Services or National Bank online.

3. Banking services usually provided at National Bank branches during normal business hours, including deposits, withdrawals, transfers, bill payments, foreign exchange transactions, purchase of travellers cheques or drafts and use of safety deposit boxes.

4. Services offered through National Bank online, Mobile Banking Solutions and TelNat ® Telephone Banking Solutions. These services provide access to accounts using a client card number issued by the Bank and a password chosen by the client, and allow clients to carry out various banking transactions including account, line of credit and credit card balance inquiries, transaction history requests (deposits and withdrawals), wire transfers, fund transfers to other National Bank account holders, requests to access documents, cheque images and bills, bill payments and cheque orders. Some features are not available through Mobile Banking Solutions. Certain browser versions are required to access National Bank online. For more information, visit the Browsers section for access to National Bank online and read the ABCs of Security.

5. Banking services providing account access by means of a client card issued by National Bank and used at a National Bank automated banking machine or an automated banking machine in an affiliate network or point-of-service terminals or with other devices and technology made available to National Bank clients. These services allow clients to carry out a range of banking transactions including withdrawals, deposits, account, line of credit and credit card balance inquiries, transaction history requests (deposits and withdrawals), fund transfers and bill payments. Additional fees are charged for using the Interac® and CIRRUS® networks. No additional fees are charged for using THE EXCHANGE® ABM network.

6. For USD bank drafts, applicable fees are in USD.

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Transactions électroniques


Transactions comptoir

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