Adventure travel: 5 hot destinations

14 May 2017 by National Bank
Adventure travel: 5 hot destinations

Climbing volcanoes, picnicking on centuries-old glaciers, trekking the North Pole… Over the last few years we’ve seen a new trend emerge in travel: adventure travel.

You can now experience incredible journeys through the most remote areas of the planet without sacrificing comfort or safety. Here are five trips to awaken your adventurous spirit and inspire you for your next overseas adventure.

1. Visit the islands of Komodo National Park by boat


Indonesia is a choice destination for many travelers. Its two best-known islands, Bali and Lombok, draw hordes of tourists every year who flock to visit idyllic beaches, temples and sacred volcanoes.

If you prefer a different sort of travel, a voyage through Komodo National Park is just the thing. The park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is not only incredibly stunning, but is also home to the largest species of lizard on the planet: the Komodo dragon.

A more remote destination, the Komodo Islands hold the promise of unforgettable memories: treks across wild islands, scuba diving, sea kayaking. All the elements are there to create the experience of a lifetime.

The archipelago can be reached in several ways, but the most extravagant is still on board the luxury boat Alila Purnama. Yoga on the beach, unlimited massage therapy and scuba diving are just some of the activities offered on this traditional Indonesian Phinisi.

2. Horseback ride on a volcanic crater


If exploring an active volcano is the kind of thing that gets you going, climbing Mount Bromo on the island of Java should be on your list. The experience starts in the wee hours of the morning. You’ll board an all-terrain vehicle and drive through the neighbouring valleys soaking up the spectacular first rays of the rising sun until you reach the foot of Bromo. For a personalized experience, choose a guide company that offers private tours.

Once there, you can explore terrain covered in lava rock right up to the edge of the crater. Doing this is prohibited, though, if the volcano is judged to be too unstable.

For riding fans, know that you can also explore the edge of the crater on horseback. The rocky lunar landscape is an excellent way to awaken your inner geologist!

3. Take an expedition to the North Pole


Helicopter and hot air balloon tours, a trek across a polar ice cap, observing animals or centuries-old glaciers… These are just some of the activities available to you on the 90th parallel.

Whether it’s on a 14-day cruise on an ice-breaker or a short 3-day jaunt to a Russian science camp, true adventure-lovers will jump at the chance to take an expedition to the North Pole.

If the southern hemisphere is more up your alley, several companies also offer expeditions to Antarctica. This trip, that very few people can brag of doing in their lifetimes, is guaranteed to make you fall back in love with winter!

4. Dine among giraffes in Africa


For nature- and animal-lovers alike, a visit to Nairobi’s Giraffe Manor in Africa is a must. The manor can hold up to 25 people, and has been attracting guests from around the world for more than 80 years. In addition to the charm they undeniably add to the building, the huge windows that adorn the hotel allow giraffes, that roam the property freely, to make surprise appearances inside the manor. And no visit to Africa would be complete without a wildlife safari or a private helicopter tour to contemplate the second highest mountain in Africa: Mount Kenya.

5. Camp on a glacier in Iceland


A land of wild beauty, where volcanic activity carved out unique landscapes in a magnificent setting. Iceland is on the list of every traveller who loves raw nature, and is drawn to Scandinavian culture. Exploring glaciers on board a private helicopter, trekking across active volcanoes and traveling by Jeep on barely cleared roads: visiting Iceland is guaranteed to leave you breathless.

There are a few companies that offer packages for adventurers who enjoy luxury, but also Nordic nature. One stand-out is a night of camping on a glacier to watch the aurora borealis.

If you’re yearning for adventure, there are no lack of options! Here are a few other suggestions:



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