Canadian Banks GIC

The Canadian Banks GIC offers the growth potential of a portfolio composed of the common shares of six Canadian banks while ensuring peace of mind due to capital protection at maturity. 

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Investment horizon

5 years

Variable return

Only known at maturity

Issue date

November 1, 20171

Presale period

September 7 to October 25, 2017

Maximum Interest at maturity

 (4.14% compounded annually)2


  26 juillet 20171

  26 juillet 20171

  26 juillet 20171



Minimal amount









> Linked to the appreciation of the common shares of six Canadian Banks.

> Eligible for registered and non-registered accounts. Non-transferable.

> Product eligible for deposit insurance offered by CDIC3

> To invest, it is required that you have a National Bank of Canada account. Otherwise, please visit one of our branches.

1. More than one issue of the Canadian Banks GIC may be offered in the same year and features may vary for each issue. Consequently, it is very important to ensure that the fact sheet you have corresponds to the issue you want to invest in.

2. The change in the Reference Share Return has a direct impact on the Variable Interest. If the Reference Portfolio does not generate a positive price return at maturity that is greater than the Guaranteed Interest, the Canadian Banks GIC will generate only the Guaranteed Interest in addition to the principal invested on the Issue Date.

3. The Canadian Banks GIC is a deposit eligible for deposit insurance from the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC), subject to maximum coverage limitations and provided the deposit is made in accordance with the conditions set out by the CDIC as indicated in its "Protecting Your Deposits" brochure (available online at or by telephone at 1-800-461-2342).



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