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How do I make a payment on my credit card and what are the processing times?

There are several ways to pay your National Bank Mastercard credit card. 

From your online bank:

With the Move money feature, your credit card balance will be updated instantly.

  1. Click Move money.
  2. Select the account from which you want to transfer money (chequing account, line of credit, etc.), then select the credit card to which you want to transfer money.
  3. Follow the steps.

With a Pay a bill feature, your credit card balance will be updated within 48 business hours.

  1. Click Overview.
  2. Select the credit card for which you want to make a payment.
  3. In your account details, at the top of the screen, click Pay.
  4. Follow the steps.

See demo

From your National Bank app:

  1. Select the credit card for which you want to make a payment.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, click Pay.
  3. Follow the steps.

Your new balance will be visible within 48 business hours.

If this is your first online payment to your Mastercard credit card through your online bank or app, you will have to add it as a bill.

You can also make payments to your Mastercard credit card over the phone by calling us at 1-888-835-6281, or at an ABM.

®Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Authorized user: National Bank.

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