General Conditions

Responsibility of the Primary Cardholder

As the primary cardholder of the credit card account, I understand that I am responsible to the bank for all the obligations under the cardholder agreement. In particular, I am responsible for the repayment of any amount charged to my credit card account, including transactions resulting from the use of the account by an authorized user.

Cardholder Agreement

The cardholder agreement will be sent to me with my credit card. I understand that the first use of the credit card account after receipt of the agreement, a notice of modification or a notice of renewal will confirm my acceptance of the terms and conditions of the cardholder agreement.

Collection, Use and Communication of Personal Information


To offer me products and services, the bank must collect my personal information as well as the personal information of authorized users. The bank collects this information from me, from credit reporting and assessment agencies and, when needed, from other sources. These sources include other financial institutions, public registries, regulatory authorities and organizations, insurers, employers, professionals and persons given as reference.


The personal information the bank collects is used primarily:

  • to identify me, namely with my social insurance number if provided, to identify the authorized user and to keep our information updated
  • to evaluate my financial situation and my continuing eligibility to the card, including with credit bureaus
  • to provide me and the authorized user with the services related to the card on a continuing basis
  • to conduct investigations and verifications necessary to protect the bank, the authorized user and myself against errors and fraud, including with respect to merchants
  • to manage its risks and to respect its legal and regulatory obligations
  • to preserve the integrity of the credit granting process


To use my personal information and, to a lesser extent, the personal information of the authorized user, for the purposes described above, the bank may communicate such information to:

  • the bank’s subsidiaries (to update the information, to manage risks, to ensure compliance)
  • the organizations and persons identified as other sources above (identification purposes, assessment of my financial situation, investigations, to ensure compliance and preserve the integrity of the credit granting process)

Processing and storage of personal information outside of Canada

My personal information and that of the authorized user can be processed or stored outside of Canada and could be subject to the laws and rights of access of the authorities of foreign countries, including the United States.


Unless I instruct otherwise, the bank may use my personal information to offer me other products and services of the bank and those of its subsidiaries and select business partners*, either by mail, by phone or by electronic means (such as email) to the addresses and numbers provided by me. The bank may also disclose this information to its subsidiaries and select business partners, where legislation permits, so that they too may offer me their own products and services in the same manner. I will have the opportunity to withdraw my consent to receiving such promotional offers when I activate my card or at any time in the future. To withdraw my consent, I may call at 514-394-1427 in the Montreal area, or toll free at 1-888-622-2783, or visit one of the bank’s branches.

Additional information

I acknowledge that the cardholder agreement which will be sent to me includes additional information on the scope of my consent and the authorized user’s consent as well as my rights and those of the authorized user to access and correct personal information. I undertake to communicate this information to the authorized user.

If you benefit from the special conditions of a financial program, you acknowledge having received the brochure describing the product features and eligibility conditions of the program when the credit application was submitted.


Examples of Credit Charges Calculated Over a Period of 30 Days


The parties have requested that this document be drawn up in English. Les parties confirment leur volonté que le présent document soit rédigé en anglais.

® Mastercard is a registered trademark owned by Mastercard International Corporation. Authorized user: National Bank of Canada

* Our select business partners are well established and carefully selected firms. The list of our select business partners and subsidiaries is available online at or by calling, toll free, at 1-888-622-2783.