Details on savings incurred on transactions included in this package

Electronic transactions

Withdrawals, transfers, transfers to another person, Interac e-Transfers® (transfer fees apply), withdrawals for bill payments, client card purchases, bill payments, preauthorized debits.

In-branch transactions

Withdrawals, transfers, withdrawals for bill payments.

Legal Note:

Projections generated using this tool are approximate and do not create any legal or contractual obligation for National Bank and its subsidiaries. A banking package has been suggested to you based on the information you provided when using National Bank’s banking package selection tool. This tool does not take into account any special offers, discounts or promotions that might be available at the time you use it.   

Potential savings: “Potential savings” means the difference between the monthly fee for the suggested banking package and the monthly cost of electronic transactions or individually billed transactions at the counter, as set out in the tool. Monthly cost of electronic transactions: The monthly cost of electronic transactions is based on the minimum number of transactions you entered in the tool multiplied by $1.25 (fee per transaction). Monthly cost for transactions at the counter: The monthly cost for transactions at the counter is based on the minimum number of transactions you entered in the tool multiplied by $1.50 (fee per transaction).  

The amount of potential savings may not be reflected in your net monthly savings if you carry out more or fewer transactions or transactions other than those included in the tool or banking package.  Ask a National Bank advisor for further information or to find out whether the banking package suggested is the most suitable for you. For details on our fees, please refer to Your Guide to Personal banking Solutions. For further information on our banking packages, please visit the banking packages section on