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Philantra Foundation: more than just a donation

A non-profit and charitable organization, the Philantra FoundationTM was created to help you provide long-term support to the causes that matter most to you.

Drawing inspiration from National Bank’s values of agility, partnership and empowerment, the Philantra Foundation strives to have a positive impact on the lives of those who will benefit from the generosity of the donors and from the efforts of the organizations they support.

The Philantra Foundation enables you to create your very own charity from within a public foundation without having to worry about timelines, costs and the administrative complexities of creating and managing a private foundation. You can simply choose the cause that means the most to you, and we’ll support you at every stage.1

How can I be sure the Philantra Foundation is right for me?

The Philantra Foundation can help with your financial planning if, for example, you:

Make donations every year or on a regular basis

Plan on giving, during your lifetime or upon your death, a significant amount over the long-term

Want to consolidate all your donations into the same fund while supporting a variety of organizations

Want your legacy to live on, or your charity to continue

Wish to involve your family or create an intergenerational philanthropic tradition

Are interested in tax benefits of a donation

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Consult the 2023 Annual Report

To see the philanthropic impact in the community and view our results, open this annual report.

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Social Mission Charitable Fund

Make a difference by contributing to this collective fund that was created to provide assistance to Canadians in need. Its mission is to support causes related to the major issues of the moment.

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Discover the Philantra Foundation benefits

Personalized support for your philanthropic vision

Philanthropy plays an essential role in society and ensures the general well-being of the community in many business sectors. Whatever your philanthropic goal, the Philantra Foundation will help you incorporate it into your overall financial, fiscal and estate planning.

The Philantra Foundation’s vision is to make philanthropy accessible, simple and beneficial for all:

  • By helping donors support long-term causes close to their hearts
  • By supporting charities achieve their charitable goals
  • By advising professionals on how to leverage funds for philanthropic projects

Benefits of the Philantra Foundation

  • Personalized funds based on your philanthropic goals
  • Support from seasoned experts to evaluate your ability to make and optimize your donations from a financial, tax and estate planning standpoint
  • Help in choosing organizations that best reflect your values
  • Flexibility in selecting or changing the causes and organizations you wish to support
  • Complete, simple and effective administrative management
  • Creation of a fund established in perpetuity or for a specified period of time
  • Numerous donation types possible during a lifetime or through a will (bank transfers, securities, mutual funds, life insurance, etc.)
  • Choice of several investment means adapted to established goals
  • Eligibility for tax credits and capital gains exemptions (tax receipt issued at time of donation to the foundation and not when the foundation disburses funds to its designated organizations)
  • Possibility of remaining anonymous or giving a name to your charity foundation2

Don’t have a dedicated expert?

Our Philantra Foundation team will assist you.

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Making a long-term commitment to the causes you care about most

Begin by identifying your philanthropic goals:

Do you prefer contributing during your lifetime, making a bequest or both?

Would you like to establish a source of long‑term funding for certain charitable organizations, or contribute to the one-time projects that mean the most to you?

Need advice on how to coordinate your donations and optimize them over the long term?

We’re here to help you determine which philanthropic approach best suits your goals.

Three main solutions available to you:

Direct donation

A direct charitable donation allows you to give financial support for the cause of your choice, and the funds will be immediately sent to the organization.

Charitable funds within a public foundation

This is a simple method if you’re interested in making a smaller initial donation or if you prefer limiting your involvement after creating your charitable fund. Choosing this method allows you to set up your very own charitable fund without having to worry about the legal, administrative and financial procedures required for its creation.

All the funds set up by the different donors are managed under the same name. Each donor reserves the right to:

  • Participate in the development of the investment policy (based on parameters established by the foundation)
  • Make additional contributions
  • Recommend good causes that should receive funding

Creating a private foundation

This option is recommended to make a substantial initial donation given the cost involved and then implement a personalized philanthropic strategy. For example, if you want to be directly involved in management in order to maximize control of the foundation’s activities and the investments it makes, or if you are able to cover the set-up costs.

A private foundation allows you to control, consolidate and optimize all aspects of a charitable action. You decide how the foundation is managed and operated, define its investment policy and choose which charitable organizations or causes it will support.


Don’t have a dedicated expert?

Our Philantra Foundation team will assist you.

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The Social Mission Charitable Fund: immediate support for the community

The Social Mission Charitable FundTM is a collective fund created to raise donations to provide assistance to Canadians in need.

Each year, the donations collected will help support organizations that help people affected by various issues in our society. Precariousness, hunger and isolation affect many people and their families. Your donation makes a difference.

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  • A contribution allows your client to make the most of a single donation, since it helps several organizations at the same time
  • You can be sure that the recipient organizations have undergone a rigorous selection process by a committee made up of experts in the field
  • You will also enjoy tax benefits for your charitable donation and will receive recognition from the Philantra Foundation
  • The Social Mission Charitable Fund is a volunteer initiative that aims to maximize our positive impact with people in need

Contact your investment expert to learn more about the advantages of the Philantra Foundation.

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Don’t have a dedicated expert?

Our Philantra Foundation team
will assist you.

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Our board of directors

The board of directors and the managers of the Philantra Foundation follow National Bank’s Code of Conduct and Ethics and Anticorruption Policy. They have also signed a Philantra Foundation certification and commitment document and follow its Conflict of Interest Policy.

Photo Isabelle Fecteau

Isabelle Fecteau
President of the Board

Photo Jehan Vekemans
Photo Danièle Panneton

Danièle Panneton

Photo Delphine Pittet

Delphine Pittet

Photo Nathalie Bachand

Nathalie Bachand

Isabelle Fecteau

As a notary and tax specialist, Isabelle Fecteau practices in the areas of corporate law, estate and testamentary planning, philanthropy and trusts.In parallel with her private practice, Ms. Fecteau has been a lecturer at the University of Montreal and has given several conferences in the context of professional industry training programs.

Danièle Panneton

Danièle Panneton has worked at National Bank for over 30 years and served as Manager - Institutional Client Services at National Bank Trust from 2016 to 2019. In addition to managing her team, she was also responsible for relations with various business partners. Danièle has held various positions since joining the National Bank Trust team, mainly as Manager –Trust and Estate and later as Account Manager and Team Lead of Private Investment Management.


Jehan Vekemans, MBA

Jehan Vekemans has over 20 years of experience in the financial services sector,including corporate finance. Since he joined National Bank in 2005, he has held many positions, mostly in business strategy and finance. He worked for a decade at the head of a large multidisciplinary team at Private Banking 1859, managing all performance levers, from operational efficiency to client experience. Mr. Vekemans is currently Vice-President, Business Strategy for the entire Wealth Management sector. He uses his knowledge of the various business sectors to ensure the implementation of the sector's consolidated business plan and the delivery of successful strategic initiatives. He holds an MBA in General Finance from HEC Montreal.

Nathalie Bachand, A.S.A., Pl. Fin.

Actuary and independent financial planner, Nathalie Bachand works in the areas of retirement plans and financial planning for more than 25 years. Ms. Bachand regularly gives training and conferences on financial planning and is often sought after as an expert by various media. She is co-author of the Institut Québécois de planification financière (IQPF) “Retraite de la Collection et des Normes d'hypothèses de projection” module. She is also co-author of the third edition of the book “Ma Retraite” published by Éditions Logiques. Ms. Bachand was president of the Board of Directors of the IQPF from 2014 to 2016.

Delphine Pittet, LL. B.

Delphine Pittet started her law practice in 2013 and is currently practicing in the mining and metallurgy industry. During her career, she has drafted various legal opinions on the compliance of various projects with laws and regulations in the fields of environmental and energy law, as well as in Aboriginal law and lobbying law. Ms. Pittet holds a Bachelor of Laws from the Université de Montréal and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from McGill University.

Little details that matter

From left to right :

Danika Bouchard, Senior Analyst Philantra and Private Foundations

Chantal Thomas, Senior Manager Philantra and private foundations

Julie Mulligan, Advisor, Philantra and private foundations

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  1. The Philantra Foundation reserves the right to validate beforehand the conformity of the chosen cause.
  2. The Philantra Foundation reserves the right to inspect the name chosen in order to respect the law and public order.

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