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What is Zelle?

Zelle® allows you to quickly send money between bank accounts in the United States.  

Send or receive transfers in just a few clicks

Zelle is integrated with your online bank and the Natbank mobile app ⁠— no other downloads required. All you need is an email address to send money to your friends, family and other trusted contacts, no matter which U.S. bank they do business with.1 You can also transfer funds via text to recipients with a U.S. mobile phone number.
See the FAQ to better understand how Zelle works.  

What are the benefits of Zelle

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Send money quickly   

Funds are transferred from your account to the account of a trusted contact within minutes.2

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Benefit from a secure platform 

Your data is protected by the same technology used to protect your bank accounts. 

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Forget the fees—they’re included 

Zelle is offered with 0 additional fees via your online bank or the mobile app.3

How do I use Zelle?

1. Sign in to your online bank or the Natbank mobile app   

2. Access the section Bill Payment  

3. Select Send money with Zelle® 

4. Enter your email address or U.S. mobile phone number  

5. Follow the steps to send money with Zelle 

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Download it free from the AppStore or Google Play.3

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