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Koi monthly fees nahi

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Offers ki details

Year 1

Bank account no flat monthly fees ke sath
Save karein $15.95/month

  • Chequing account
  • Unlimited online transactions
  • Access to financing (credit cards4, mortgage or car loan4, etc.)


Additional advantages Bhi

  • First cheques ka order free
  • Small safety deposit box bhi offered
  • Exclusive aur free phone support service5 bhi

Year 2 and 3

Bank account no flat monthly fee ke sath
Save karein $15.95/month by signing up to the following products and services:

  • Personal credit card
  • Online bank statements
  • Electronic pay deposit ya online payment of 2 bills per month6


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Year 2

50% DISCOUNT aapke bank account par
(flat fee of $7.98/month)

Year 3

25% DISCOUNT aapke bank account par
(flat fee of $11.96/month)

Two different options hain offer ka adavantage lene ke liye

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Once the form is completed, hamara advisor aap ko  contact karey ga branch mein appointment ke liye.

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Select karein one of the 8 branches below jo offer kerti hain services in a wide range of languages ya phir make an appointment by phone.

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1201 Britannia Road West


350 Burnhamthorpe Road West

Hinglish and Punjabi

295 Eglinton Avenue East

Hinglish and Punjabi

3100 Winston Churchill Blvd.

Hinglish and Punjabi


4 McLaughlin Road South

Tamil, Hinglish and Punjabi

58 Quarry Edge Drive

Hinglish and Punjabi

10520 Torbram Road

Hinglish and Punjabi


2200 Martin Grove Road

Hinglish and Punjabi

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Access karein hamari services 440 branches [English] or 3,330 ABMs across Canada6.

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Hamesha more savings

Rakhain extra money aside by using apni monthly discount to save $700 tak over 3 years.

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Apka credit in Canada

Hasil karien Canadian Mastercard®credit card without credit history.

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Humari International Tranfer service

Paisey send karnain hain abroad? Simply use karein our feature, International Transfer by Mastercard® and Interac®.

Little details jo matter kerti hain

  • Be a newcomer 17 years of age ya older
  • Apply karein account open ke liye from another country ya within 5 years of arriving in Canada
  • Be the only user of the account


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Baseline savings of $334.92 over three years

Save a minimum of $334.92 over three years if you meet the following conditions :

  • Visit karein a branch to open a bank account
  • Sign up karien hamari  newcomers ki offer

Savings of $334.92 based on:

  • First year: no flat monthly fee (savings of $15.95/month for 12 months)
  • Second year: flat monthly fee of $7.98 instead of $15.95 (savings of $7.97/month for 12 months)
  • Third year: flat monthly fee of $11.96 instead of $15.95 (savings of $3.99/month for 12 months)

The full flat monthly fee of $15.95 apply ho gi fourth year se on your banking package. To be eligible for savings, you must commit to keeping the account and package for a minimum of 36 months. You will receive no further discounts if the products are cancelled.

Maximum savings of $700.02 over three years

Save up to $700.02 over three years if you meet the following conditions:

  1. Visit karein a branch to open a bank account
  2. Sign up karien hamari  newcomers ki offer
  3. During the first year after signing up the offer for newcomers to Canada:
    • Apply karein aur activate an eligible National Bank Mastercard personal credit card
    • Sign up karein eStatements ke liye
  4. During the second and third year after signing up the offer for newcomers to Canada:
    • Set up karein salary deposits apne National Bank account main and have your pay deposited at least once a month or
    • Electronic bill payments 7 karein at least twice a month every month apne National Bank account se.

Savings of $700.02 over three years based on:

  • Koi flat monthly fee nahi hamare banking package par newcomers ke liye for three years ($15.95/month for 36 months)
  • First cheques ka order free 8 ($56.98/order)
  • Small safety deposit box bhi rent-free for the first year ($60.00/year)

The full flat monthly fee of $15.95 apply ho gi fourth year se on your banking package

Note on savings

To enjoy the full savings, you must keep the products and services and carry out all required transactions for a minimum of 36 months, unless otherwise indicated. If you fail to meet the conditions of the offer, your savings will be lower. Your savings will be lower if you do not order cheques or rent a safety deposit box.

If during a given month, you keep your bank account and banking package, but do not keep all of the other products and services indicated or do not carry out all of the required transactions (e.g. only one electronic bill payment per month instead of two), you will be charged National Bank's service fee for that month. The service fee will be $7.98 monthly the second year and $11.96 the third. You will still enjoy monthly savings of $7.97 during the second year and $3.99 during the third.

Finally, if you no longer hold a bank account or banking package for newcomers, you will no longer be eligible for savings.

  1. Our banking offer for newcomers is available to immigrants who have been living in Canada for less than 5 years. See the Details and conditions of the offer for the full terms and conditions. The offer may be modified, extended or withdrawn, without prior notice, at any time. The offer may not be combined or used with any other National Bank offer, promotion or benefit. Fees may apply for transactions not included in the banking offer for newcomers. For more information on transaction fees, see our Guide to Personal Banking Solutions [PDF].
  2. Security deposit may be required under certain circumstances.
  3. Financing subject to credit approval by National Bank. Certain conditions apply.
  4. Financing subject to credit approval by National Bank. Certain conditions apply. Eligible credit cards: mycredit, MC1, Allure, Syncro, Platinum, ECHO Cashback, World and World Elite.
  5. Telephone assistance service offered by National Bank Assistance Network, valid for 12 months from your account opening date. The content of the packages and terms described are subject to change.
  6. Eligible electronic payments: payments made via ABMs, pre-authorized debits and digital banking solutions (including payments through National Bank online [English] or the National Bank mobile app).
  7. National Bank ABMs or ABMs in THE EXCHANGEMD network

     National Bank Assistance Network is a trademark of National Bank of Canada, used under licence by authorized third parties.
    ® Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Authorized user: National Bank.
    ® THE EXCHANGE is a registered trademark of Fiserv Inc.

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