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You favour secure investments that provide you with regular and stable income.

Your portfolio is structured in such a way as to give you very moderate capital growth over the long term.


You are looking for an investment strategy that will provide you with regular income.

You want moderate capital growth over the long term while minimizing the impact of market fluctuations on your portfolio.
You invest a small part of your portfolio in equities.
Your investment strategy combines three main objectives: steady returns, current income and moderate capital growth.

To achieve this, you invest primarily in fixed-income securities while also taking advantage of the growth potential of equities.

You are looking for long-term growth with a moderate amount of risk.

Your portfolio is evenly distributed among the various asset classes in order to take full advantage of market opportunities.


Your risk tolerance allows you to seek significant capital growth over the long term.

You seek high potential returns.
You are prepared to tolerate fluctuations in the value of your portfolio.

You are looking for strong capital growth.

By favouring equities in your investment strategy, you seek maximum growth over the long term
You are therefore willing to tolerate significant short-term fluctuations in the value of your portfolio.

You are looking for investments that you can easily convert into cash without any risks.