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5 year variable rate4


Prime rate – ${p2.tauxBase|percent:"true"}***

(${p2.tac5ans|percent:"true"}** TAC2)

4 year fixed rate1



(${p1.tac4ans|percent:"true"}* APR2)

5 year fixed rate1



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Get up to $5,800* cashback by transferring your mortgage and adding eligible products and services to your mortgage loan.

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Up to $3,000 cashback 5,700 cashback Up to
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Get up to $5,700 cashback by transferring your mortgage and adding eligible products and services to your mortgage loan.

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Our mortgage advisors are there to give you advice tailored to your needs.

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Pay off your mortgage faster with flexible payments or by using your credit card points.

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Pro tip!

Open an FHSA and start saving towards a down payment or other fees related to buying your first property.

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Take advantage of the value of your home to fund other projects.


Transferring your mortgage to National Bank could be profitable.

Use the repaid amount of your mortgage to carry out new projects.

Get financing or refinancing tailored to your situation.


Protect yourself and your loved ones from the repayment of your mortgage in case of unforeseen circumstances.3

Use your RRSP for the down payment of your home.

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Make an offer and protect your interest rate by getting a pre-approval.

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  • Guarantees your borrowing capacity and indicates the price range of properties that are within your means
  • Doesn’t commit you to taking out a loan
  • Protects you from an interest rate increase for 90 days
  • Shows sellers and real estate brokers the seriousness of the steps you’re taking

Read our tips on buying a home

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Little details that matter

*Refers to standard rate. 

** Based on a mortgage loan of $350,000:

  • With a 5-year closed term at a fixed rate
  • A 25-year amortization 
  • An administration fee of $5.00 per month 
  • An appraisal fee of $350.00. The appraisal fee is subject to change and may not be required as part of the appraisal process for your mortgage application. 

*** The variation is subject to change without notice.

1. Rates may differ if amortization is more than 25 years. 

2. APR as of ${p1.tauxDateJour|date:"-"}. APR means "Annual Percentage Rate" and represents the total interest and fees charged by the Bank, expressed as an annual percentage.  

3. Certain restrictions apply.

4. The special offer on the variable rate is the base rate - spread (%), and is updated monthly. The offer cannot be combined or stacked with any other offer, promotion or benefit applicable to National Bank mortgages and is not retroactive. 

"Base Rate" means the annual interest rate that the Bank publicly announces from time to time as the reference rate used to establish the interest rate on Canadian dollar loans made by the Bank in Canada.