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The Ultramar Card gives you three ways to take advantage of rebates***:

1. Get up to 2.5% back on your purchases at Ultramar

Total monthly amount Monthly rebate
$0.01 to $100 1 %
$100.01 and over 2 %
Total annual amount Additional rebate
$2.500 and over 0.5 %
A rebate of up to 2.5%, based on the total amount of your monthly purchases at Ultramar, will be credited to your account.

If the total Ultramar purchases charged to your card during the year amount to $2,500 or more, you will also receive an additional annual rebate of 0.5%.

2. Get up to 1.25% back on all purchases made elsewhere

Annual total charged to card Rebate **
$0 to $6 000 0.25 %
$6 000.01 to $9 000 0.50 %
$9 000.01 and over 1.25 %
** Rebate on purchases made elsewhere than at Ultramar*
What's more, you will get an annual rebate of up to 1.25% on all purchases made with your Ultramar MasterCard at retailers other than Ultramar or Home Heating, anywhere, anytime*!

* All purchases charged to your Ultramar MasterCard will be considered when calculating your rebate, exept those made at Ultramar and Home Heating.

3. Get up to 2.5% back on your purchases at Home Heating

Every time you pay your Home Heating heating oil bill with your Ultramar MasterCard, you automatically enjoy a rebate of 2.5%. This applies to all heating oil, equipment and any other product purchased at Home Heating using your Ultramar card.

*** Please note that the maximum annual rebate for all purchases made with your Ultramar MasterCard is $250.

More than a card: protection2 you can count on

  • MasterCard's Zero Liability3
    Protects you against all liability if unauthorized purchases are made with your credit card. This coverage extends to purchases made in stores, over the phone or online.
  • Purchase protection
    Provides coverage in case of theft or damage for a period of 90 days following the date of purchase.
  • Extended warranty
    Doubles the original warranty period, for up to one additional year.

1 Subject to credit approval by National Bank.
2 Certain conditions and restrictions apply. Consult the documents available in branches for more details.
3 Certain conditions and restrictions apply. Visit for more information.
View the credit card's term and conditions.
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