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The interest rate on the Syncro card is the sum of two components: the prime rate* which is set by National Bank and which is variable, and the adjustment rate of 4%. The following chart clearly shows the savings that you can achieve with the Syncro MasterCard.

Find out the prime rate currently in effect

As at October 1st, 2013, the Syncro MasterCard rate was 8.9%1

More than a card: Protection3 you can count on

  • MasterCard Zero Liability4
    Protects you against all liability for unauthorized purchases are made with your credit card. Coverage includes purchases made in-store, over the phone and online.
  • Purchase insurance
    Provides coverage in case of theft or damage for a period of 90 days following the date of purchase.
  • Extended warranty
    Doubles the original warranty period up to one additional year.

* "Prime rate" means the annual variable interest rate published by National Bank from time to time and used by the Bank to determine the interest rate on demand loans that it grants in Canadian dollars in Canada.
1 The interest rate for the MasterCard Syncro card consists of the prime rate established by the National Bank and which is variable, to which is added a fixed adjustment rate of 4%. The annual interest rate of the Syncro card will never be under 8.9%.
2 Subject to credit approval by National Bank.
3 Certain conditions and restrictions apply. For details, consult in-branch documentation.
4 Certain conditions and restrictions apply. Visit for more information.
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