Board of Directors

Meet the team that’s in charge of maintaining National Bank’s long-term viability

Mandate of the Board of Directors

The responsibilities of the Board of Directors are centred on its oversight and decision-making duties. In particular, the Board is responsible for providing direction to senior management by overlooking their decisions, strategies and policies. The Board sets the tone with regards to the culture of integrity, ethics and compliance expressed across the Bank. It monitors its reputation with its various clients, shareholders, employees and the communities it serves.

Our Board members

Robert Paré

Chair of the Board

Laurent Ferreira

President and Chief Executive Officer

Maryse Bertrand

Patricia Curadeau-Grou

Annick Guérard

Committees of the Board

The Board of Directors delegates certain authority to the following 5 specialized committees: audit, risk management, technology, human resources, conduct review and corporate governance. 

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