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Market summary

Are you an informed investor who wants to know everything about the latest news on the stock market? The market summary provides you with an overview of the day's global financial highlights. The table of major indicators also allows you to asses the state of economic activity. Access any of the last five business days now. 

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Economic Analysis

Our Economics and Strategy group has prepared various analyses to help you learn more about the basics of the economy and financial markets.

Foreign exchange market analysis

The foreign exchange market analysis provides you with information about the major currencies. Opening and closing rates, daily and yearly fluctuations, futures rates, option volatility information (Canadian or U.S. dollar), technical levels as well as forecasts for the day are presented in table form. A commentary on the financial news related to currencies is also offered, as well as strategic advice to help you take full advantage of the current market situation. 

Interest rates and returns

For current rates on a variety of banking products and services, including foreign exchange rates, visit the Rates and returns on banking products section.

Foreign exchange market analysis

You can view our analysis of today's foreign exchange market, as well as our monthly outlook.

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