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SecuriZone 2.0

Keep your identity to yourself

To subscribe or to get more information, call us at 1 888 5350510 or visit a branch

Protect yourself from identity theft

Phone assistance

24 hours a day

7 days a week

Individual plan

5,95 $ monthly fee + tax1

Family plan

8,95 $ monthly fee + tax1

4 good reasons to get with the program

  • Benefit from the latest version of the SécuriZone® program, accessible on mobile and tablet
  • Get fraud prevention advice
  • Benefit from a personalized risk assessment
  • Get quick assistance in case of fraud or identity theft

Discover our full suite of support services

Identity theft and fraud prevention

Empower yourself to prevent identity theft with unlimited calls to lawyers, who will explain the law in plain language so you understand your rights, and will direct you to the right resources. Find out about your level of risk exposure and discover the current state of your digital identity (PIN, social networking, etc.) by completing a short online questionnaire, which will generate personalized recommendations on how to protect your identity.


Identity restoration

Benefit from quick and efficient support in managing communications with key entities (police, service providers, public services, etc.) if your identity is in danger of being compromised. Get support in restoring identity documents (passport, driver's license, etc.).


Lost or stolen cell phone

SecuriZone will help you with suspending phone service and remotely deleting any confidential information stored on your device, in so far as your cell phone service provider permits intervention​.

Lost or stolen bank card and identity documents assistance

Get help cancelling your credit and debit cards, as well as your identity documents. Benefit from guidance through the process of restoring your cards and identity documents.


Credit file validation and correction assistance

On the recommendation of a credit specialist, a review of your credit file may be activated to check for fraudulent transactions and to make corrections.


Services for travellers

Obtain assistance with buying airline tickets, reserving and paying for hotel rooms, renting a vehicle, etc., with up to $ 2,000 in emergency funds transfers based on the credit card limit of the designated person. Get help replacing any lost or stolen documents (passports, visas, etc.), along with access to emergency telephone translation services in multiple languages, so you can speak to relevant authorities about the missing documents.

Little details that matter

Admissibility criteria

Subscription to an individual SecuriZone 2.0 plan:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must be a Canadian resident

Subscription to a family SecuriZone 2.0 plan:

  • Partner: must meet the same criteria as the individual subscriber
  • Child : dependent child, 23 years of age or younger, must reside in Canada at the same address as the plan member

Telephone support for SecuriZone 2.0 plan members

Contact NBC Assistance Customer Service:

SecuriZone members who joined before February 19, 2018

The SecuriZone product has been modified on February 1, 2019 to include the Equifax CompleteTM Monitor services. However, you must register to access your Equifax account using the activation code that was mailed to you in order to benefit from the services.

For more information on your program or replacement services, refer to the Amendment or contact Customer Service at 1‑888‑535‑0510 (toll-free) or 514‑871‑8360, option 2. To obtain a copy of your contract, you can also contact our Customer Service.

To know your credit risk exposure and the status of your identity online, please complete this online questionnaire.

SecuriZone 2.0 assistance program contract

To find out about all of the details of our identity theft and fraud assistance program, consult the contract.

Legal notes

®SecuriZone is a registered trademark of National Bank of Canada used by NBC Assistance Inc.

SecuriZone is a service provided by NBC Assistance Inc. NBC Assistance Inc. is a Canadian company offering identity theft and loan insurance assistance and operating under the National Bank Insurance trademark, which belongs to National Bank of Canada and is being used under licence. SecuriZone is an assistance service, not an insurance product. Certain conditions apply.

The SecuriZone® 2.0 assistance program (the program) includes a number of services to prevent
or respond to instances of identity the and fraud. These services are provided by Axa Assistance Inc. (the Service Provider or we) and promoted by NBC Assistance Inc. (NBC Assistance). The program is o ered to Canadian residents only.

Equifax and the Equifax marks are registered trademarks of Equifax Inc.

1. Monthly fees

The monthly fees for the program are set out in the Summary of Your Program you received. They will be debited directly from your account.

NBC Assistance may increase or change the fees at any time (at its sole discretion) with 30 days’ written notice. You are entitled to cancel the program with no penalty if you do not agree to the increase or change in fees.

Changes to services

NBC Assistance may change the services provided at any time (at its sole discretion) with 30 days’ written notice. You are entitled to cancel the program with no penalty
if you do not agree to the change in services.

Duration of services and end of contract

The program comes into e ect on the date indicated in the Summary of Your Program. NBC Assistance may terminate the program at any time. You can also cancel the program by calling NBC Assistance at 1-888-535-0510.

Collection, use and disclosure of personal information

To open and administer your program and provide the services you have signed up for, NBC Assistance and the Service Provider may collect, use and disclose personal information about you, such as your name and contact information, to each other or to their respective agents and service providers, as well as to third parties such as credit reporting and assessment agencies.

This information may also be used or disclosed to comply with legal or regulatory requirements or as required or permitted by legislation and regulations. Furthermore, NBC Assistance and the Service Provider can use such information and disclose it to the entities in their group for statistical, legal or regulatory purposes, to manage risk and operations, and to update your information.

Your information may be processed or stored outside Canada and may be subject to the legislation of foreign countries, including the United States.

For more information on our practices concerning the protection of personal information and your rights in that regard, consult the NBC Assistance confidentiality policy, available at the Service Provider’s confidentiality policy

You can also make a request by writing to:

NBC Assistance Inc.

Access to Personal Information O cer 1100 Robert-Bourassa Blvd., 5th Floor Montreal, QC H3B 2G7

Axa Assistance Inc.

2001 Robert-Bourassa Blvd., Suite 1850 Montreal, QC H3A 2L8

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