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National Bank is acquiring Silicon Valley Bank’s commercial loan portfolio from its Canadian branch 

National Bank has announced that it is acquiring Silicon Valley Bank’s (SVB) commercial loan portfolio from its Canadian branch. We will contact you in the coming weeks to discuss your financial needs. In the meantime, consult our FAQs for answers to your questions. 

For over 25 years, we have been committed to supporting dynamic Canadian companies and investors that drive innovation in the tech industry.

Our team of dedicated experts can help guide you through this transition by offering comprehensive banking services such as venture financing, growth and M&A financing, treasury and foreign exchange management, investment banking advice, and private management services.

The transaction will close in the coming weeks. It is subject to customary closing conditions such as approval by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice which supervises Silicon Valley Bank’s proceedings under the Winding-Up and Restructuring Act (Canada).

Your loan with Silicon Valley Bank will then be with National Bank of Canada.

Your dedicated team with Silicon Valley Bank will answer your questions until the transaction is closed.

Yes, your loan will be automatically transferred to National Bank – you don’t need to do anything. We will contact you shortly to discuss your needs.

Your loans will be transferred as is on the closing date of the transaction.

Yes, we will be happy to offer you our complete range of products and services, including those tailored to the tech industry.

You will be able to discuss your options with a member of our team when we contact you shortly.

Until the transaction closes in the coming weeks, you can proceed as usual with the Silicon Valley Bank team, who remains your point of contact for now.

National Bank will contact you shortly to ensure a smooth transition and address your business needs.

All clients who have commercial loans with Silicon Valley Bank will become National Bank clients. However, the brand is not transferred with the transaction.

We will gladly analyze all your financing projects. However, before the transaction closes, we recommend that you contact your dedicated Silicon Valley Bank team with any new inquiries.

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