Quo Vadis Capital Announces a Net-Zero Transition Loan for the Comprehensive Revitalization of Complexe du Canal Lachine

Montreal, November 8, 2022

Quo Vadis Capital is pleased to announce that it has secured a Net-Zero Transition Loan for the comprehensive revitalization of Complexe du Canal Lachine.

The loan proceeds will be earmarked for investment in technology to retrofit Complexe du Canal Lachine in order to obtain a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions profile. Projects will include energy efficient HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), and innovative renewable energy systems developed from research projects carried out by Concordia University’s Next Generation Cities Institute. Quo Vadis Capital is also committed to exceeding a pre-defined threshold of leasing exposure to select minority groups such as artists, green SMEs, the self-employed, and B-Corp certified businesses, in return for advantageous financing terms and conditions. By maintaining high-quality and accessible workspaces, Quo Vadis Capital is able to enhance the presence of key segments and groups vital to the community’s cultural and economic well-being.

National Bank acted as sustainability structuring agent in the design of this Net-Zero Transition Loan, with a social key performance indicator, aligned with the Canada Green Building Council’s Zero Carbon Building Standard certification process. The transaction combines elements of traditional sustainable financing with emerging behaviour-based components to create financial incentives tied to a more holistic sustainability performance profile for Complexe du Canal Lachine.  

“I am extremely proud of this transaction, which will allow us to finance major investments in the carbon transition of Complexe du Canal Lachine that will be measured according to ESG criteria," said Natalie Voland, Founder and President of Quo Vadis Capital. "The impact of ESG criteria on the performance of a building is undeniable as more tenants seek to be part of inclusive, integrated and environmentally conscious buildings."

“Since our inception, we have strived to build responsible business communities through sustainable real estate development, by valuing the preservation of built heritage, and supporting the creation of economic, social and environmental value. This loan allows us to scale our impact and pave the way for financial institutions to play an even greater role in ESG-based development,” added Ms. Voland.

“National Bank is committed to supporting its clients with their energy transition. The Net-Zero Transition Loan for the comprehensive revitalization of Complexe du Canal Lachine is a great example. This type of initiative is in line with our mission to have a positive impact in our communities,” commented Laurent Ferreira, President and Chief Executive Officer of National Bank. 

“National Bank is proud to be a market pioneer by designing an innovative financing solution for Quo Vadis Capital that is tailored to its business needs and ESG values. We have financing experts who are fully devoted to sustainable financing and work closely with our commercial real estate financing team. They advise and support our real estate clients who have ambitious ESG targets,” stated René Demers, Senior Vice-President, Commercial Banking and Private Banking, Real Estate at National Bank.

About Quo Vadis Capital
Quo Vadis Capital is a pioneer in ESG real estate management with its innovative Pathways business model, developing carbon neutral projects that are accessible and have a real economic, social and environmental impact. Quo Vadis Capital is recognized for building prosperous and responsible business communities and preserving built heritage in full control of the ESG pillars. Its subsidiary Gi Quo Vadis also manages more than 1 million square feet in Quebec. Follow the Quo Vadis Capital activities also on social media LinkedIn and Facebook. Quo Vadis Capital would like to address a special thanks to VA Capital for their assistance in this project.

About National Bank
With $387 billion in assets as at July 31, 2022, 
National Bank of Canada, together with its subsidiaries, forms one of Canada's leading integrated financial groups. The Bank has more than 28,000 employees in knowledge-intensive positions and has been recognized numerous times as a top employer and for its commitment to diversity. Its securities are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: NA). Follow the Bank’s activities at or via social media such as Facebook LinkedIn  and  Twitter .


Marie-Pierre Jodoin

Senior Manager, Public Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility
National Bank of Canada