FAQ Government Sign-In by Verified.Me

What is Government Sign-In by Verified.Me?

Government Sign-In by Verified.Me is a convenient service that allows you to connect to different secure sites using your National Bank login information. You will no longer need to create new usernames and passwords for each of the different online services you want to connect to. Once the connection is established, you will be redirected to the secure site of your choice. As the login is done through National Bank, none of your personal information is shared with the partners and sites you visit.

The commercial service, Government Sign-In by Verified.Me, performs its functions independently from National Bank, other financial and commercial institutions and the government.

What advantage is there in using Government Sign-In by Verified.Me to connect to online services?

When you sign in to participating online services, you use your National Bank login information. You no longer have to create and manage new usernames and passwords.

Is it safe to use my bank login information to connect to online services?

Yes, as National Bank applies the same rigor in security when accessing an online service through Government Sign-In by Verified.Me as when you access our online banking solutions.

How is my personal information protected?

Protecting your confidential information is a priority for National Bank. The only information that National Bank provides to Government Sign-In by Verified.Me is a random number that is generated when you first use the service. Each time you use the Government Sign-In by Verified.Me system, this number is sent to establish a secure connection. Your personal information and banking details are never exchanged during the process.

Government Sign-In by Verified.Me acts as an intermediary between the different online services that you access and the sign-in partners that you choose to connect with. Because the connection is made via Government Sign-In by Verified.Me, none of the online services knows which sign-in partner you are using and no sign-in partner knows which online service you are connecting to.

For more information, please see the Government Sign-In by Verified.Me Concierge Privacy Notice.

Can I change my sign-in partner?

Yes, you can change your sign-in partner at any time. Simply follow the "Switch My Sign-In Partner" link, located at the top of the “Select Sign-In Partner" selection page. However, if you are using a new login partner, some government online services may ask you security questions to validate your identity.

Can I access different online services using only one sign-in partner?

Yes, you can use the same sign-in partner to access all online services that offer the Government Sign-In by Verified.Me authentication option.  

Can I use more than one sign-in partner to connect to online services?

Although you only need one sign-in partner, in addition to National Bank, you can add as many sign-in partners as you would like. You can use the one of your choice to connect to the various online services.

Do I have to use Government Sign-In by Verified.Me to access participating online services?

No, you do not need to use this authentication option. You can use your usual login information at any time to access online services. But thanks to Government Sign-In by Verified.Me, you will no longer need to manage a multitude of usernames and passwords. The only login information you will need is National Bank’s, which you can use to connect to these different online services.

What is Government Sign-In by Verified.Me?

It's a secure, private and convenient way to sign into online government services. Instead of having to create and manage a new user ID and password, you can gain access by signing in with your online banking credentials from a trusted sign-in partner – an approved digital credential that you already know and trust. The service was formerly known as SecureKey Concierge. To learn more, visit the Government Sign-In by Verified.Me page.