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Through our dynamic internal networks and our day-to-day conversations with employees, clients and the communities we serve, we're committed to ensuring everyone has a fair opportunity at the Bank and in society at large.

To advance in this direction, we're focusing our approach and our actions on fostering inclusion and creating an environment that values and promotes each person's unique characteristics, both visible and invisible. Our employees are more committed than ever to making a difference for our clients and society.  By promoting a feeling of belonging, we can directly support this ambition, contribute to employee well-being and productivity and be a key player in society. 

Taking action for a more inclusive future will require us to show commitment and perseverance over the coming years, with support from our employees and the various communities we serve that enrich our society.  


- Laurent Ferreira, President & Chief Executive Officer

Our vision

To create the most stimulating work environment in the country while simultaneously building an inclusive culture and a diverse talent pool to support our social commitments.

Our three-year action plan for 2020-2023 clearly defines the areas of action that we will focus on in the coming years, based on the following priorities:

  • An open and inclusive environment, free from racism and discrimination, where all of our employees feel recognized and can reach their full potential.
  • Diverse teams that are representative of our clients, the communities we serve, and access to top talent.
  • A strong position as a top employer that puts people first and is recognized for its social engagement and sound governance.

Our employees' well-being

National Bank greatly values the quality of the environment it offers employees and takes steps to promote an open, respectful workplace free from discrimination. The Bank has therefore drawn up policies and practices intended to ensure employment equity and respect for human rights while fighting workplace harassment and violence. 
As an employer, we do our utmost to ensure all our employees feel valued, realize their full potential and live their ambitions. The Bank doesn't tolerate any form of discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, language, religion, as well as political or other opinions, ethnicity, national or social origins, wealth, birth or any other factors. 

Helping everyone succeed

Enabling our employees to live their ambitions in an inclusive culture means identifying their needs and taking specific actions to meet them. We've rolled out many initiatives to promote the inclusion and development of various employee groups: women, visible minorities, persons with disabilities, Indigenous Peoples and LGBTQ+ communities.

Our commitment to making the Bank a more inclusive and diverse  company has been recognized on several occasions by external organizations. In 2021, the Bank was selected for the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for a fourth consecutive year. We also received the Platinum Parity Certification from Women in Governance for a second consecutive year, in recognition of our efforts to close the gender gap within our organization.

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Inclusion and Diversity Booklet

For more information on National Bank's strategies, partnerships and diversity data, please see our Inclusion and Diversity Booklet entitled Building a More Inclusive Future Now. The strategies, action areas and performance indicators in this booklet are derived from the Bank's three-year plan for 2020-2023, and reiterate our commitment to continuously improve our culture and practices.