We proudly support various initiatives and events,
from sports and culture to entrepreneurship

Sponsorships that make a difference

Making a positive impact in people’s lives is our mission, and our sponsorship program is aligned with that goal.  

As an important economic player in Quebec and Canada, we contribute every year to the development of hundreds of organizations and the success of some of your favourite events.

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Our main sponsorships

From the excitement of watching tennis stars to the magic of the illumi lights, we proudly sponsor programs and events that bring people together.

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National Bank Open

Until 2030, we’re honoured to welcome the world's top tennis stars to Montreal and Toronto as part of the biggest tournament on Canadian soil. This exciting association with Tennis Canada includes several other initiatives that promote health, social equity and community through sport.

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Montreal Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens are an integral part of their city’s DNA. Through The Goal is Green program, the tricolor have become leaders in sustainable development among professional sports franchises. Since partnering with the Canadiens on the project in 2023, National Bank is helping expand this ambitious project even further. We’re working hand-in-hand with the Canadiens on the Cool Your School! contest and the Together To Play equipment drive.

Arts and Culture

Piknic Électronik

For 20 years, Piknic Électronik has established itself as a flagship event on Montreal’s summer circuit.  We’re excited be collaborating with Piknic Électronik to keep the good times rolling and bring electronic music lovers together!


Platform Calgary

As Calgary emerges as a global technology hub, we‘re working with Platform Calgary™ to connect tech start-ups with potential investors through the National Bank Investor Hub. This partnership is key to ensuring Western Canada continues to thrive as a tech centre today, and for years to come.

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We have the pleasure of presenting the Ubisoft Indie Series, a competition that rewards indie video game studios across Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba. Thanks to our expertise in the tech sector, we’re there to help companies take the next step in their growth.

Arts and culture

Montreal and Quebec City Igloofest

What better way to celebrate our winter than with an outdoor dance floor? This electronic music festival has been warming up fans sporting colourful snowsuits since 2019. Now a Montreal staple, this event was presented for the first time in Quebec City in 2023.

Our other partners

We’re also proud to support these important organizations and events.

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Sponsorship request

We're committed to supporting a wide range of initiatives that have a positive impact and meet our environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards. We invite you to review our eligibility criteria before submitting your application. The following could benefit from our financial support:

  • Events (convention, symposium, festival, fair, etc.)
  • Fundraisers
  • Media and content creation (television, radio, press,
    film production, etc.)
  • Groups (team, association, league, etc.)
  • Sports tournaments, competitions and events


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Our corporate responsibility

See how our environmental, social and governance commitments are helping build a sustainable future.


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Little details that matter

Through our sponsorship program, we partner with organizations that have a strong socio-economic impact in Canada, while ensuring a positive impact on National Bank's brand and business development. We also select our partners based on our environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.

Sponsorship policy

National Bank has a rigorous sponsorship policy in place to ensure that each request received is given due consideration.

National Bank gives priority to sponsorships that correspond to its values and strategic objectives and that reach out to its core target groups. To help you prepare your sponsorship request, here are some of the questions that your request should address.

  • Would you offer exclusivity in the banking sector?
  • Does your sponsorship proposal give National Bank visibility beyond having our logo displayed?
  • Would National Bank have an optimal opportunity to interact with your clientele through this sponsorship?
  • Is your sponsorship request associated with one of National Bank’s preferred sectors? 
    • Tennis
    • Youth
    • Entrepreneurship
  • Do you have statistics on the event or organization for which you are making a sponsorship request? By statistics, we mean survey results, attendance numbers, quantitative descriptions of participants, etc.
  • How would you describe your client reach (geographic base, scope, demographic range)?
  • Do you envisage a role for National Bank employees in this sponsorship?


In order to be fair and disciplined in our approach, we have decided to exclude the following from our sponsorship policy:

  • Requests from individuals (for personal benefit)
  • Golf tournaments
  • Support for professional and amateur athletes, except through the Fondation de l'athlète d'excellence du Québec
  • Amateur sports teams
  • Activities held outside of Canada
  • Projects related to a political party, a candidate of a political party or a lobby group
  • Graduation balls and albums
  • Feasibility studies
  • Trips and excursions
  • Advertising and public relations campaignsVideos and books

Management of sponsorships

Sponsorship requests are examined on the basis of a strict, well-defined process, which is why National Bank has developed a checklist that enables it to assess the relevance of each sponsorship in relation to its business objectives. We apply the following principles:

  • Only one financial contribution to any one organization in a given year
  • Sponsorships are not automatically renewed from one year to the next (unless there is a long-term agreement), and all new requests must be evaluated on their own merits
  • The long-term viability of an event, how effectively it is managed, and the soundness of its financial management are also important aspects in allocating sponsorships

Allow a minimum three-month period (90 days) for the analysis and evaluation of all sponsorship requests made to National Bank.

Sponsorship of amateur athletes

National Bank does not directly sponsor any amateur athletes. Since 1993, we have been providing financial support to the Fondation de l'athlète d'excellence du Québec through the National Bank Bursaries program, which aims to help promising young athletes rise to the top of their field and athletes at the end of their careers who want to return to school.

For more details, visit the Fondation de l’athlète d’excellence du Québec website.

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