Our commitment to tennis 

A ball, a racquet, for a stronger community

Photo of a girl about to perform a serve on an outdoor tennis court

Our commitment: Improving access to tennis for the entire community

What do you need to play tennis at any age, regardless of skill level? A ball, a racquet... and a court in good condition.   

In partnership with Tennis Canada, we launched the National Bank Play Your Court grant program that will help many communities revitalize their outdoor public tennis courts. The initiative provides $3 million to restore more than 100 courts across Canada by 2030. This is our tangible commitment to making tennis more accessible to the entire community. 

How to get a grant 

Looking to upgrade your community tennis court? Municipalities interested can fill out the application form on the Tennis Canada website.

Committed to equality, health and community through tennis

Illustration of a silhouette of a woman playing tennis

A ball, a racquet, for more social equity in tennis

We are proud to contribute to programs improving inclusion and equality in tennis.

Illustration of a racket, and a tennis ball in motion

A ball, a racquet, for a healthier society 

Since 2005, we have promoted tennis to help build a healthier society.

Illustration of hands holding a tennis racket and a ball with a line representing a tennis court

A ball, a racquet, for a growing community

We are proud to help revitalize community tennis courts to make tennis more accessible to all.

National Bank Open

How will we be showing our support for tennis in this country? Until 2030, we will be working as the title partner for the largest international tennis tournament in Canada: the National Bank Open. 


Our commitment to tennis in numbers

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Picto of three tennis player silhouettes


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From recruitment to pro tennis: our commitment at every level

Granby National Bank Championships

A mixed event featuring a WTA 250 tournament and a stop on the ATP Challenger Tour.

Visit the Granby National Bank Championships website

National Bank Challengers 

The first level of competition on a professional circuit to accumulate world ranking points.

Visit the National Bank Challengers site

The National Bank Canadian junior open in Repentigny 

On an international level, one of the most important junior tennis tournaments for players 14 to 18 years of age.

Consult the National Bank Canadian junior open site

National Bank Little Aces

Recruitment and talent development programs for kids 6 to 8 years of age.

Explore the Little Aces program on the Tennis Canada site

The passion for tennis

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From local parks to major stadiums, we’re elevating the passion for tennis in Canada. We’re helping tennis players, coaches, families and fans take their place both on and off the court through a series of programs and tournaments.

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Get started now

See how we make a positive impact in people's lives.

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Little details that matter

[Open on a young boy watching tennis on TV.] 
It’s what inspires us. 
[The player on screen scores a point. The boy looks happy.] 
Motivates us. 
[The player on screen scores a point. The boy has a look of excitement on his face.] 
Fuels our dreams 
[The boy mimics a tennis serve with an orange.] 
And challenges us. 
Bringing us beyond the unthinkable. 
[The boy draws a tennis ball on the window of a car.] 
The love of the game is our common ground. 
[The boy bounces a tennis ball in one hand while doing his homework with the other hand.] 
Imagine where we could go 
[The boy crosses the street while doing his tennis footwork drills.] 
If we decided to take action on our passion, together. 
[The boy practices his serve on the court with his coach and other kids.] 
At National Bank, we’re proud of elevating Canada’s passion for tennis since 2005. 
SUPER: Let’s elevate Canada’s passion for tennis, together. 
SUPER: Take action today. 
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