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Making finances accessible to everyone

What is financial literacy and why is it important?
Does the phrase "financial literacy" sound impressive? It really just means that someone understands finances well enough to have the confidence to make informed decisions. The National Bank and the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE) are joining forces to help young people and newcomers make financial decisions with confidence and competence.

The three partnership programs

  • "Help! Managing Your Money on Campus”: Free workshops and webinars across Canada for post-secondary Students
  • “FinLit 101”: a website with resources on managing personal finances for high school youth
  • “Managing Your Money in Canada”: a Financial Literacy Workshop for Newcomers and Recent Immigrants to Canada

Free virtual events

Learn how to manage your personal finances and benefit from expert advice.

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Help! Managing Your Money on Campus

Take control of your money by setting goals and budgeting to meet those goals. Several dates available. Register now.
Managing Your Money in Canada

Learn about the realities of life in Canada, with a financial focus. Select your date and register online.

About our partnership

“These are extremely difficult times for all Canadians, but especially for young people whose family, social life, education, and finances have been turned upside down. The CFEE looks forward to partnering with National Bank to provide help, information, and resources to college and university students, whether they study remotely or on campus."

Gary Rabbior
President, Canadian Foundation for Economic Education

“We’re very happy to support the financial education of post-secondary students by supporting the CFEE in its resource development. We know that young people have specific needs, and believe that these tools will help them improve their financial health, and even have a positive impact on their overall well-being."

Lucie Blanchet
Executive Vice-President, Personal and Client Experience, National Bank

Resources and initiatives

Are you a student or a newcomer? Discover all of our resources on how to manage your personal finances wisely.

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Post-secondary students: workshops and webinars to manage your money like a pro

Food, housing, transportation, health, studies, leisure – knowing how to properly finance your everyday life when you’re a student on a tight budget isn’t easy. In fact, 64% of post-secondary1 students say they’re under financial stress. How about you?
Since managing your money and dealing with everyday life events can be an everyday struggle, CFEE has developed workshops and webinars in partnership with your post-secondary institution that talk about investing, saving, managing budgets, and more.

Discover the program

High School Students: New Financial Literacy 101 Program

Because money isn't an easy topic to talk about at school either, CFEE is launching a new, free online program for self-directed learners, or students within a classroom setting. Learn the basics of making a budget, payment methods, and calculating loan interest.

Discover the programs

Two female students sitting at a table chatting with a teacher
Two female students sitting at a table chatting with a teacher
Two female students sitting at a table chatting with a teacher
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Newcomers: workshops to Manage Your Money in Canada

New to Canada and want to take control of your finances? CFEE organizes workshops with nearly 800 community-based settlement organizations working with newcomers and recent immigrants. These interactive workshops are designed to help you deal with the challenges of your arrival, integration, and getting settled in.

Discover the workshops

Better understanding your personal finances

Find help and answers to your questions. If you want to take better control of your finances in order to achieve your financial goals, here are some tips for you.

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Little details that matter

1. Results of the survey conducted by CFEE
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