Thank you!

End of the On the Ball program

Défi sans bruit

Thank you to all partners and participants

After leading the On the Ball program for 13 years and collecting and distributing more than 2,018,973 tennis balls to create a quiet learning environment in schools, National Bank is ending the program so that it can respond to other requests expressed by various communities, but still with the goal of making a positive impact in the communities where it will be present in the coming years.

However, the Bank is encouraging tennis clubs, players and tournament organizers to continue the tradition of collecting and distributing used tennis balls in their community if they wish to do so. They'll be able to keep the collection bins provided by the Bank and request a list of participating schools and school boards in each region. To obtain a list, please contact Émilie Néron at

As the proud creator of the On the Ball program, the Bank is pleased to see the results it has generated and would like to thank all the partners and participants who helped make it a success.