Expert management of public sector finance

Our team of over 30 experts with numerous years of experience across Canada works with National Bank specialists to help institutions and municipalities manage their day-to-day business and realize major projects.

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We serve the following sectors and entities:


  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Municipalities
  • State-owned companies
  • Crown corporations
  • Research


  • Environmental protection
  • National security
  • Hospital foundations 
  • University foundations
  • Energy producers


Our expertise

  • Developing creative IT solutions to meet our clients' needs
  • Managing IT risks
  • Providing access to a reliable team located near our clients
  • Expert ability in managing groups and mergers

Made-to-measure solutions

Banking products and electronic services

  • Cash management
  • Payables
  • Receivables


  • Deposits with interest income
  • Money market
  • Fixed income
  • Portfolio management
  • Trust solutions


  • Short-, medium- and long-term financing
  • Money market and capital market
  • Structured financing
  • Factoring and reverse factoring
  • Syndication

International solutions

  • Import/Export
  • International payments
  • Management of foreign exchange risks


  • Derivatives
  • Commodity hedging strategy
  • Investment products
  • Money market instruments
  • Bond financing

Employee benefits

  • Payroll management system
  • Group insurance
  • Pension plans

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  1. Financing solutions are subject to credit approval by National Bank of Canada.

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