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Advantages of the group RRSP

Our retirement savings plan makes it easier than ever for your employees to save through payroll deductions. Enjoy our range of benefits, including:

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Hassle-free administration

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Training for your administrative staff

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In-depth support for the implementation of the plan

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Contributions are deducted directly from your employees’ salary

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Guaranteed contributions for each member

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Tax deferrals are stated directly on your pay statements

Optimized returns with periodic payments

Spreading out contributions over the year allows your employees to weather any declines in the financial markets. Because their contributions allow them to invest more, the subsequent increase in the value of their investments leads to high returns. Periodic payments, combined with the effect of compound income can have a positive long-term impact for your employees.

Immediate tax returns

Your employees get a tax refund for their contributions with each paycheque. For example, if they earn an annual salary of $40,000 and contribute $100, their tax rate will be 30%. The amount deducted from their pay would therefore be $70. This way, they won’t have to wait for the government to reimburse them to take advantage of their tax reduction.

A flexible group retirement plan

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A flexible group retirement plan

Your employees will be given an investor profile questionnaire to fill out on the group savings plan platform. They'll be able to answer questions that will help us determine their investment habits, risk tolerance, and interests. From there, they'll be guided towards investment options that meet their needs.

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A plan that matches your organization’s values

As National Bank Trust plan sponsors, we want to help you build a retirement program that matches your organization's culture and values. TELUS Health's systems allow us to set up your group RRSP based on your administration, withdrawal, contribution and pricing needs. Our personalized communication program provides members with the information they need to manage their retirement capital and plan for their financial future.

For National Bank Trust TM, we're proud to offer flexible investment options that allow each member to build a customized portfolio and enjoy their benefits to the fullest.

Our funds are managed by National Bank Investments ® (NBI). As the largest asset manager affiliated with a major bank in Canada, they deal almost exclusively with portfolio managers from recognized external firms. NBI is committed to providing diversified investment solutions to meet clients' evolving needs.

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