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Starting a business can be a complex process. Lex Start and National Bank will handle your legal needs in an uncomplicated way, at a fixed price.

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Incorporate your business with Lex Start and get a $350 refund following the opening of your business account2

This offer cannot be combined with our turnkey offer including free legal advice.

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Make your life easier with Lex Start

Modèle d'affaires

Save time 

A fast and easy online process.

Comptes et forfaits

Save money

  • Fixed price
  • 50% of the cost of traditional firms.
Démarrer votre entreprise

Dedicated lawyers 

All documents are validated by a business lawyer. 

Find the right legal kit for your business

Incorporation of a company

Starting at $7003 plus taxes

Federal or provincial incorporation is the main legal form for entrepreneurs looking to set up a company.

Kit includes:

  • Statutes and certificates
  • Digital minutes book (organizing resolutions and regulations)
  • Share capital
  • Government fees
  • Validation of documents by a lawyer

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Shareholders’ agreement

Starting at $800 plus taxes

The shareholders’ agreement is a contract that regulates the rights and obligations of each shareholder.

Kit includes:

  • A standard shareholders’ agreement
  • Validation of document by a lawyer
  • Document validation by a lawyer

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Terms and conditions (website/mobile app)

Starting at $5003 plus taxes

This kit is essential for regulating what the users of your website or mobile app can do.

Kit includes:

  • Conditions of use
  • Privacy policy
  • Document validation by a lawyer

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Gestion des liquidités


Opening a foreign currency account or protecting yourself against exchange rate fluctuations – our experts find the solutions to support your growth.

Expand your business abroad

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Want to protect your international transactions?

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Information presented in the form of legal documentation is of a general nature and is provided without any guarantee as to its accuracy or possible obsolescence. This information should not be construed as legal advice. If you need specific legal advice, you must consult a lawyer.

Neither National Bank nor Lex Start, nor their representatives, assume any responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of the content. However, all services provided by a lawyer on this platform are the responsibility of the lawyer.

1To book your hour of free legal advice as part of the turnkey offer, you must have opened a business account with National Bank beforehand. The benefits granted as part of this offer cannot be transferred or combined with any other National Bank benefit and are not retroactive. The offer may be modified or withdrawn at any time without prior notice.

2For details about the terms of this offer, visit this page on the Lex Start website. This offer cannot be combined with the turnkey offer that includes free legal advice.

3Additional options for this kit are available at and prices may vary according to the options chosen.

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