The hyperlink provided in the e-mail may appear legitimate. Fraud artists often mask the actual address of the site behind the hyperlink or use a domain name that may appear real or similar to the actual address of your financial institution. NEVER CLICK ON THE HYPERLINKS IN THIS TYPE OF E-MAIL. Simply clicking on them could install malware or viruses without your knowledge.

If you accidentally click on the link, DO NOT PROVIDE THE INFORMATION REQUESTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Have your computer checked as soon as possible to remove any trace of viruses or spyware which may have installed without your knowledge BEFORE you access your bank account online.

If you suspect that any personal information has been compromised or that you yourself have provided confidential information, contact our Telnat customer service without delay at 514-394-5000 or 1 888 835 6281 and refer to our "Report an incident of fraud" section.

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