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Conduct business with a dedicated team from the comfort of your living room. 

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Our approach

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A single point of contact for all your financial needs

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Regular follow-ups by phone or videoconference

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Service offered in over
15 spoken languages 

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Financial coaching to help you reach your goals

A customized service

Are you looking for an advisor to help you reach your financial and wealth goals? Discover our remote counseling service. What is our goal? To help you better invest, take charge of your assets and offer you personal financial coaching. 

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Remote Advisory Team

Our team of advisors is made up of experts in finance, investment and wealth management. In order to meet today's demands and serve you better, we will manage your file remotely by phone or videoconference. 

We offer you solutions that are best suited to your situation and financial goals.

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Our services are based on three principles

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Take the time and get to know yourself first to better define your goals.  

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Analyze your current situation and recommend solutions adapted to your needs.

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Carry out and follow your personalized action plan according to your investments and projects.

Ask yourself the right questions

My investments

  • Why diversify?  
  • Do you let emotions guide your choices?   
  • What is the impact of a financial crises on your portfolio? 
  • Should you stay invested during a financial crises?   
  • Should you synchronize with the markets? 
  • Pay down your debts or save? 
  • Do you know which savings and investment solutions are right for you? 
  • Do you know your investor profile? 

We can help you.   

Saving for education

  • Do you have a plan for your children's education? 
  • Are you taking full advantage of government grants?   
  • How does an RESP work? 
  • Why save early for an RESP? 

We can help you. 

Saving for a project

  • Do you have a clear savings plan to carry out your projects? 
  • How does systematic savings work?  

We can help you.  

Saving for an emergency fund

  • Do you have enough money to deal with unforeseen circumstances? 
  • How do you set up an emergency fund?   

We can help you.

Saving for retirement

  • Are you ready to retire? 
  • Have you considered the 5 risks of retirement? 
  • RRSP or TFSA?  
  • Do you know about the main sources of income in retirement?
  • Have you established a disbursement strategy? 
  • Death without a will: who inherits? 

We can help you. 

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Because you are unique

So are your needs. Contact our dedicated investment team for a personalized experience.

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