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New Features

To better serve you, we’ve modernized our ABMs by integrating new features. Here's an overview of the new functionalities and updates that will somewhat modify your habits:



In addition to consolidating several steps in the same screen, the touchscreen improves the ABM’s ergonomics and facilitates its use.

Envelope-free Deposits and Bill Payments

Envelope-free Deposits and Bill Payments

Our new ABMs contain integrated cameras that take pictures of your cheques to detect their value.

Good news!

To the benefit of our environment, envelopes are no longer needed.

You have instant access to the deposited funds.

Evenmore on-line features

Your Business Internet Banking Solutions offer you even more possibilities, whenever and wherever you want!

  • Transfer funds
  • Pay bills and maintain a list of your suppliers
  • Check your real-time balances
  • View your transaction history
  • Pay your government remittances
  • And much more!
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Our ABMs are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, enabling you to carry out your day-to-day operations at more than 2,000 points of service in Canada and around the world.

Why replace our ABMs?

We want to offer our customers a better experience. These new ABMs will allow you to carry out all transactions quickly and more efficiently, thanks to the addition of certain features and the latest technology. 

Is the new touchscreen safe?

The touchscreen has a mirror that allows you to see what happens behind you. We also included a privacy filter to limit the view of information for other customers near the ABM. You can therefore carry out your transactions in complete safety.  

Why have you eliminated passbook printers? 

The banking booklet is being used less and less, while there are other interesting options that offer a more complete overview of your banking transactions. The mobile application and your customer profile on the Internet allow you to consult your transactions in real time, anywhere at any time.

Why not use envelopes for deposits and bill payments?

In the digital age, we need to modernize our processes. Our new ABMs include a camera, capable of taking pictures of cheques and detecting cash. You can drop 50 items at once. The envelopes are no longer necessary, to the greater good of the environment.

Is it possible to deposit US money?

Our ABMs do not accept American currency. However, you can continue to make your deposits with a teller, as you currently do.

Will my cash deposit still be held back?

Now, since the ABM can detect deposited items, no holdback will be made on the total amount of cash deposited. If you deposit a cheque, an amount could be withheld, depending on your agreement limit; as is currently the case.

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1To use the deposit combining night depository and ABM, you must be registered for the Combo deposit option of the Around-the-Clock Depository Services. Please see the Around-the-Clock Depository Services section of our Fee Guide – Banking Services for Businesses for applicable fees.

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