Corporate Mastercard credit card

Simplify your accounts payable

Jusqu’à 900 $ en rabais voyage ou jusqu’à 800 $ à investir dans un produit financier annuellement*

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Discover the Corporate Mastercard® credit card

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Access to card management and accounting platforms

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Manage your card’s settings

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Different types of cards are available based on your needs

Eligibility: Business sales over $2M

Annual fee


Interest rate on purchases 1


Interest rate for balance transfers and cash advances 2,3


Do you have over $2M in sales and want to learn more?

Get even more benefits with your Corporate Mastercard credit card

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Add additional cards

Make it easy for your employees to make purchases using company funds by adding additional credit cards to your account for only $35 per year.

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Receive detailed spending reports

This feature allows you to analyze your spending habits and receive recommendations.

More details on the reports ↓

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Optimized time management related to purchase processing

Save time thanks to our management and account platforms, you’ll be able to receive reports in your preferred format and import them into your accounting system.

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Keep your business running smoothly by automating your expense, travel, and invoice payment processes.

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Choose the Corporate Mastercard credit card that best fits your needs

We offer several personalized versions of the Corporate Mastercard® credit card. Here are our different options and their benefits.

Individual card Shopping and travel

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  • Reduce your administrative costs when making transactions with your suppliers 
  • Simplify your order processing 
  • Cover your travel expenses 

Driver card

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  • Ideal for companies with a fleet of vehicles 
  • Control a driver’s gas costs 
  • Keep an eye on your vehicles’ maintenance costs 

Vehicle card

Picto of a car
  • Cover your travel expenses on the road 
  • Customize different control elements on the use of your fleet of vehicles 

Departmental card - physical

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  • A simple way for your employees to make purchases 
  • Avoid your employees having to use their personal cards or rely on their manager to make purchases 

Departmental card - virtual

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  • Enjoy the flexibility to make online transactions 
  • Perfect for recurring or high-volume purchases 
  • Avoid having to track down a physical card every time you want to make a purchase 

Virtual card

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  • Get a unique card number for every transaction 
  • Optimize the management of your accounts payable 
  • Benefit from a secure card 

Stay in control of your finances

The National Bank® Corporate Mastercard® credit card offers a range of tools and options that allow you to tailor your card program to your company’s needs and constraints.

User settings and controls

Restrictions on card usage can be established using various parameters.

  • Group of merchants 
  • Merchant category codes 
  • Specific merchants 
  • Transaction amount 
  • Credit limit (daily, weekly, monthly) 
  • Number of transactions (daily, weekly, monthly) 
  • Days and times of use 

Analysis of your accounts payable

  • Assessment of the transaction amount that could be paid via card 
  • Analysis of fees incurred and recommendations

Also included

  • Status and history of requests 
  • Approval flow tracking for all requests 
  • Online card activation 
  • Online travel notification 
  • Request for departmental card 

Tools for managing your Corporate Mastercard credit card

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Integrating data into your accounting system with Mastercard® Smart Data®

This application allows you to produce reports online and manage and verify your expenses and information, providing you with a consolidated overview of your payment data. 

  • Manage your receipts 
  • Account statements 
  • Expense reports 
  • G/L codes 
  • User management 
  • Change in fees 
  • Expense graphs 

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Picto of a computer screen displaying the Client centre corporate card web portal

Client centre corporate card

Web portal that allows Corporate Card program coordinators to manage certain administrative functions. 

  • Simply manage your cards  
  • View the history of your requests 
  • Activate cards and modify the cardholders’ profiles online 
  • User-friendly and intuitive platform 
  • And much more! 

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The Corporate Mastercard credit card: your partner for simplifying the management of your accounts payable 

Email contact for businesses with over $2M in sales.

Is the Corporate Mastercard credit card not what you’re looking for?

Photo of the Platinum Business Mastercard credit card

Turn your expenses into rewards with our Platinum Business Mastercard® credit card!

  • 1.5 points per $1 spent, with no purchase limit 
  • Manage your monthly spending limits 
  • Insurance on purchases, theft and damages 

Little details that matter

If your card includes insurance, consult the Summaries | Insurance certificates

Corporate Mastercard credit card

Partial protections: consult the Travel insurance summary | Vehicle rental insurance summary | Insurance certificate 

Full protections: consult the Travel insurance summary | Vehicle rental insurance summary | Insurance certificate

Safe online purchases

Mastercard® ID CheckTM is a service that protects you against fraud by verifying your identity when making online purchases.

® Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Authorized user: National Bank. 

TM ID Check and Identity Check are trademarks of Mastercard International Inc. Authorized user: National Bank. 

1 Subject to credit approval from National Bank. 

2 Grace period: No interest will be charged on purchases made during the month, provided the client pays the balance in full within twenty-one (21) days of the statement date. This grace period does not apply to cash advances or balance transfers. Minimum payment: If your account balance is lower than $10, you must pay the entire balance. If you reside in the province of Quebec, your minimum payment will correspond to 5% of the credit card account balance plus any overdue payment or $10, whichever amount is higher. If you reside outside of Quebec, your minimum payment represents 2.5% of the credit card account balance plus any overdue payment or $10, whichever amount is higher. If you are a business that chose the corporate responsibility, please refer to the cardholder agreement and account statement. Account statement: A statement is sent monthly.   

Example of credit charges calculated over a period of 30 days  


Average balance
Annual interest rate $500 $3,000
22.99% $9.45 $56.69
20.99% $8.63 $51.76
14.5% $5.96 $35.75
11.7% $4.81 $28.85

*Variable interest rate in effect on April 24, 2023.

3 This coverage applies to purchases and rentals made using the card, except (if applicable) out-of-province medical/hospital insurance for which it is not necessary to charge the travel arrangements to the card. Certain conditions and restrictions apply. For more information and for details of your insurance coverage, please consult the distribution guide and insurance certificate associated with your card. 

4 Subject to presentation of required supporting documents. 

This content is made available by National Bank and its affiliates for information purposes only. It does not create any legal or contractual obligations for National Bank and its affiliates. The conditions described herein are not exhaustive and are subject to change. 

Some of our cards offer a compensation plan in the event of fraud by a cardholder. If necessary, the fraud compensation plan entitles you to a refund limited to the real loss resulting from fraudulent use of the card or account by the cardholder. This plan only applies in the event of fraudulent use by a cardholder who is not also an authorized signatory. The refund amount can be up to $100,000 per account per 12-month period. To use this plan, the company and all authorized signatories must fully collaborate with the Bank and file an official complaint with law enforcement authorities. The application of the fraud protection plan is governed by the conditions set out in section 14 of the credit card agreement. In particular, the plan does not apply if, through negligence, the cardholder contributed to the unauthorized or fraudulent use of the card or account by any person other than a cardholder. 

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