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Short-Term Loans and Line of Credit

Access the funds you need to grow your business and increase your financial flexibility with an operating line of credit, a bridge loan, a letter of guarantee or accounts receivable and payable financing.1

Easier online financing

Get a quick answer for an application up to $ 50,000 and have access to the funds in 72 hours1.

Are you eligible for our online solution? Yes, if your company...


... is a Canadian-based business


... has been in business for at least 6 months


... has average monthly sales of $ 7,000 or more3

Everything is better with our lightning‑fast online financing solution.

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Short-term financing solutions to help your business grow

Operating line of credit1

A line of credit can help you manage your cash flow and take advantage of business opportunities.

Features and benefits


  • Can be repaid at any time based on your cash inflows
  • Various means to access to funds : cheque, cash advance, any ABM or Internet Banking Solutions
  • Possibility of issuing Letters of Guarantees to your suppliers
  • Available in Canadian or U.S. dollars
  • Competitive pricing, with variable interest rates calculated daily based on the Bank's Prime Rate2


  • Maximize your working capital by supporting inventory expenses and operating costs while waiting to cash your receivables
  • Allows you to pay suppliers faster and to benefit from discounts
  • Protects against account’s insufficient funds up to the authorized amount
  • Interest calculated only on the borrowed amount
  • Simplifies cash management with automatic repayments directly from your daily surplus of funds


Bridge loan1

A bridge loan allows you to meet short-term liquidity requirements while you wait for cash inflows from a grant, tax credit or stock issue.

Features and benefits


  • Short-term loan (expiry in less than one year)
  • Variable interest rate, calculated daily based on the Bank's prime rate
  • Can be repaid at any time based on your projected cash inflows


  • Monetize a projected cash inflow or an amount owed to your business
  • Avoid using the working capital needed for your day-to-day business operations
  • Invest in new projects sooner or seize business opportunities

Accounts receivable and accounts payable monetization1

Accounts receivable monetization allows you to leverage your receivables to obtain more credit and improve your working capital.

Accounts payable monetization allows you to obtain longer payment terms for your purchases and negotiate early payment discounts with your suppliers. Your suppliers will be paid by National Bank as per your instructions.

Our accounts receivable and accounts payable monetization solutions

Letter of guarantee1

Guarantees that the Bank will pay an amount to a designated beneficiary (client, supplier, regulatory agency or other business partner), upon request and according to the conditions set out in the letter, should you or a third party fail to meet your contractual obligations to that beneficiary.  

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Overdraft limit1

Protect your company’s reputation with suppliers and avoid unpleasant situations (refused cheques or preauthorized payments) in the event of insufficient funds.

Our overdraft protection


Overdraft protection

Prevent disputes due to insufficient funds.
Safeguard your company's reputation with suppliers by protecting yourself against refused cheques and preauthorized payments.

Our overdraft protection solutions 

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Legal Notes

1 Financing solutions are subject to credit approval by National Bank of Canada.

2 Prime means the annual variable interest rate published by the Bank from time to time, which it uses to determine the interest