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With free legal advice from Lex Start and other offers from our network of partners, you're in business now

Grow your business with our partners 

In addition to banking solutions tailored to your business needs, National Bank also offers special deals with its partners. Legal support, entrepreneurial mentoring, accounting and consulting services: services that will help your business grow.

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Benefit from free legal advice from Lex Start

Simplify your life with a legal advice service for SMEs 

Want to incorporate your business, register a trademark or set the terms and conditions of a sale? Open a business account and get one hour of free legal advice with Lex Start to help guide you. 

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Our partners, your business allies

In addition to Lex Start's valuable legal advice, benefit from a multitude of partnerships to facilitate the day-to-day operations of your business.

To stay organized and productive

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Benefit from legal advice 

Lex Start is an online legal service platform that caters to the needs of entrepreneurs: incorporation, employment contracts, website requirements and much more.

 See the legal solutions

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Head for success 

Founded by former Dragon, Serge Beauchemin, alias entrepreneur·e will help guide you towards professional success. 

See the mentoring solution

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Optimize your accounting system

With operio, take advantage of integrated, simple and secure accounting and consulting services for SMEs.

See the accounting solutions

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Manage your appointments online 

Save time and money with booxi, an online appointment booking platform. 

See the appointment solutions

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Be more efficient, organized, and responsive 

Create your annual budget using cloud computing. Present your financial forecasts to your partners and investors. 

See the online budgeting solutions

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Optimize your payment solutions 

Global Payments gives you access to the latest point of sale (POS) terminals, and mobile and e-commerce solutions for accepting payments in-person, online and on-the-go.

See the payment solutions

To optimize the management of human resources

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Streamline your payroll system

Free yourself from the administrative hassle of payroll processing by choosing National Bank Payroll Services powered by Nethris®

See the payroll solutions

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Invest in your team’s well-being

With Dialogue's telemedicine services, reduce employee absenteeism by helping them avoid long waits at the clinic or hospital. 

See the health care solutions

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Motivate your employees with interesting programs

By improving your business’s employee benefits plan or retirement plan, you’ll motivate your staff, increase job satisfaction and boost employee retention. 

See the benefits

See the group retirement plans

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Get a clear picture of your business with our My Business Model® canvas. 

Welcome to SMEs 

With an offer that includes free legal advice, you’re in business now

We're here for you at every step 

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National Bank Showcase 

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Reach out to our employees 

At National Bank, we care about the success of our entrepreneurs. That's why we created the Showcase, a digital business directory of clients where our employees can make their daily purchases.

Do you operate a small business in the retail or personal services sector? Share your business with National Bank's 20,000 employees and its subsidiaries through the Showcase. 

Apply now

Frequently Asked Questions – The National Bank Showcase 

Can I see my business file?

No, you can't see your file because the numerical directory is only available to National Bank employees.


Who will have access to the information on the form?

Employees of National Bank and its subsidiaries only.


Can I modify my application to register for The National Bank Showcase?

No, you will have to fill out the form again. 


Can I remove my business file from The National Bank Showcase? 

Yes, to remove your file, email us at nationalbankshowcase@nbc.ca.


What should I do if I have filled out the form and am unable to submit it?  

  • Refresh the page and try submitting it again
  • Fill out the form in another browser (Chrome, Explorer, Edge, Safari, Firefox, etc.)
  • Delete your history and cookies and try submitting the form again


I've submitted my application, what's the next step?

You will receive a confirmation email. If necessary, check your junk mail, the email may be there by mistake. 

For each application received, we must validate that: 

  • The business is a client of National Bank
  • The business is part of an industry relevant to our employees
  • The data provided is accurate

If your application is not accepted, we will send you an email to inform you. 

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Legal disclaimers

®Nethris is a registered trademark of CGI Payroll Services Centre Inc. 

TMMY BUSINESS MODEL is a trademark of National Bank of Canada.

®NATIONAL BANK BUSINESS CENTRAL and the MY BUSINESS MODEL logo are registered trademarks of National Bank of Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions – Turnkey offer

What is the turnkey offer for businesses? 

When you open any type of business account at National Bank, you can take advantage of one hour of free legal advice with a lawyer from Lex Start, an online platform that provides legal services for entrepreneurs. 

In addition to this free hour of consultation, you will also get a contract template that can be customized to your needs and 20% off your next consultation, all valued at $435. 

How can I take advantage of the turnkey offer for businesses? 

Simply open any type of business account online or by phone.   

Once your business account is activated, you can book your free consultation with a lawyer from Lex Start. 

I opened a business account one month ago. Do I qualify for the turnkey offer? 

The turnkey offer, which includes free legal advice from Lex Start, applies to the opening of any new business account during the offer period. Benefits under this offer are not transferable or cumulative with other National Bank benefits and are not retroactive.

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