Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs)

Available in Canadian and U.S. dollars, GICs are secure investments that protect your principal while offering attractive interest rates that are guaranteed for your chosen term.

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Guaranteed investment certificates

GICs are secure investments with a guaranteed return and terms ranging from one month to five years. National Bank of Canada is a member of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation.1

The advantages of a GIC

  • Principal is fully protected
  • Fixed interest rate for the entire term (you know the final return in advance)


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Non-redeemable GICs

Special promotional rates on these GICs make them a very attractive investment. You can choose from several set investment terms.

What we offer

  • Terms ranging from 30 days to 5 years
  • Higher interest rates than for our redeemable GICs with the same term
  • Your investment is fully protected up to $100,0001
  • No redemptions allowed before maturity
  • Available only to our business clients2
  • The funds invested in a GIC cannot originate from a Business Investment Account

Term of less than 1 year

Minimum investment: $500

Interest: Payable at maturity

Term of 1 to 5 years

Minimum investment: $500

Simple interest: Choice of monthly, semi-annual or annual payments

Redeemable GICs

This is the ideal product if you expect to need cash but don't know exactly when.

What we offer3

  • Funds can be accessed any time in case of unforeseen events, subject to a penalty based on the term elapsed
  • Partial redemption allowed
  • Your investment is fully protected up to $100,0001


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1 Guaranteed investment certificates held in a business account are covered by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). Find out more about the coverage offered by CDIC.

2 Clients in the education, health and municipal sectors and public or Crown corporations should contact their Account Manager for more information concerning these investments.

3 The redemption conditions are as follows:

  • Redemption allowed subject to a penalty based on the redemption table on the rates bulletin (F.12074)
  • Redeemable before maturity at a reduced interest rate
  • No interest if cashed within 30 days of the issue date 


  • Partial redemption allowed before maturity by portions of:

$1,000, subject to a minimum balance of $1,000 being maintained for GICs held for a year or more; or

$5,000, for GICs held for less than a year.


Redeemable Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) and Redeemable US dollars Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) [PDF].

Non-Redeemable Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) and Non-Redeemable US dollars Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) [PDF].

Redeemable without penalty Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) [PDF]

Monthly Cash Management Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) [PDF]

Redeemable after 30 days Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) – Business only [PDF]

Redeemable after 90 days Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) – Business only [PDF]

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