Client Card Limit Management

Business Client Card Limit Management

New! Manage your Business Client Card limits

Your Business Client Card offers an innovative feature that further reduces the risk of fraud. You can now personalize the limits available on your Business Client Card. You can choose amounts between $0 and the maximums set by the National Bank for your Business Client Card. The limit management function does not allow you to exceed the maximum limits set by the bank.

ABM withdrawal

Purchases with merchants

1. In Canada

2. Abroad

3. In Canada

4. Abroad

Personalize any or all your limits according to your needs!

Here are a few examples:

Your situation

You can…

You are taking a trip outside Canada.

Reduce your ABM withdrawal and purchase limits within Canada, while you are away.


You do not travel outside Canada.


Reduce your international ABM withdrawal and purchase limits. You can even set them at $0.


You do not intend to withdraw large amounts at ABMs.


Reduce your ABM withdrawal limits within Canada and abroad, according to your needs.

You do not expect to use your Business Client Card for a certain length of time.

Inactivate or reactivate all your Business Client Card limits at the same time.


Managing your Business Client Card limits: It’s safe and easy!

  • Personalize your limits at any time:
    • By phone, by contacting a TelNat Customer service representative at 514-394-5555 or toll-free at 1-888-4TELNAT;
    • By going to a branch;
    • By contacting your Commercial Banking Manager.
  • Change your Business Client Card limits as often as you like
  • Changes take effect immediately

Don’t wait any longer: Take advantage of this new feature ! Start personalizing your Business Client Card limits today and reduce your exposure to risk.

Your PIN, the card’s microchip and the limit management feature: A winning combination that gives you peace of mind !